Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obama press conference set for right now

Right smack in the middle of Rush and Laura Ingraham. Lord of the Flies’ voice makes my skin thanks.


Mr. President~! What really happened in Benghazi?

Well, before I address that question, I’d like to talk about the abhorrent attach by the Israelis on an innocent member of Hamas, blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah

We don’t know what happened in Benghazi, next question.

* he gonna explain why nearly three weeks his constituents in New York Queens, New Jersey, Staten Island et all are goveling for food, shelter and basic necessities?

Is he gonna explain why he let 4 Americans die in Benghazi and why his Secretary of State is too busy to appear before Congress while she’s off God Knows Where in her SoS Mumu getting her hoo hoo waxed?

Is he going to explain without cracking an “okay, you guys caught me” laugh how he didn’t know a damned thing about two of his highest ranking generals, both either in or slated for Senate Approved positions being involved in moral turpitude situations?

Of course, it can go on and he can blather about “we all in this together, but somebody gonna have to make some sacrifices, and this secession talk don’t do nobody no good crap” He can even say “I won....again and again and again”...

But it won’t stop the hate, and it won’t, for GENERATIONS!, stop the damage this racist traitor has done to this country and to better race relations.


 I wonder how much my IRA account will drop in value while that a**&$@e is talking. I should have gone to cash before the election.


News Conference Transcript:
Hello Subjects. What you want.
First question: Your excellency, Sir, would you care to comment about the Benghazi situation.
Second Question: Your emminence, how are the people fairing in the tri state after the hurricane?
OB: You may rise, they are fairing quite well thanks to my generosity.
OB: That is it, good ridance peons.


 So, let me get this straight: 0bama wants to punish the rich for HIS reckless spending spree over the last four years? I’m not rich, but that’s F—KED UP. The tax revenues don’t even come close to bridging the gap. This is just a RUSE to crush small businesses so the government can step in and TAKE OVER MORE SECTORS OF OUR ECONOMY.


"Here he goes with, “Go talk to the FBI”, mime. The FBI will always just say this is an on going investigation and we can’t comment!"

 Imagine if President Bush had said that, what the media would have said..they would have been on the White House every second of everyday pressing for info..they would call this the greatest scandal in the history of scandals..but since its Obama he gets away with it


 He HAS to get rid of RUSH LIMBAUGH, the TEA PARTY, CHRISTIANS, and anyone else who challenges his proclamations of what is correct. - He is the GREAT DIVIDER, even families have been fractured due to his “fundamental change of America”.


Ive known this for the past four years..Obama can get away with ANYTHING..including murder(Apparently) Obama could come out on the White House lawn, heil Hitler, and be praised for it..Obama could burn this country to the ground and the media would STILL kiss his ass


This affirmative action press conference really got started when he called on Telemundo and took the immigration question. And Nancy Cordes just fluffed his pillow with this inane bit about working with Romney. I’m ready to puke.


 Hey did any one ask about Sandy and what he is doing about following up after his helecopter ride with Krispy creame


The media in this country wants Socialism and Communism just like the rest of the left. I have noticed that for a long time. 8 years of Bush all the media would focus on is every American soldier killed under the media doesn’t mention anymore when a member of our military is killed, its only outrage when a Republican is in office, when its a far left Commie like Obama he can get away with it. Its downright scary to know that the media will never hold Obama accountable for anything..he can get away with murder and his hands are clean


This guy isn’t qualified to do much of anything.

What are your top priorities as president. Isn’t it to make your people safe? This guy failed even that. He had months of warnings...

Second, don’t you try to keep your allies safe? This guy isn’t even up to speed on Israel. Brought up Israel, and didn’t touch on the current situation.

He’s really lousy at making presentations.


 "He is totally looking down and reading what to say! CLUELESS — and fed the BS electronically."

He looks down when he is "thinking" (listening).

No closeups of his right ear.

All questions are from the center or right side of the room? (didn't not see the whole thing from the beginning...)

Did they put a screen in the podium or a chip in his ear?


  1. "Hey did any one ask about Sandy and what he is doing about following up after his helecopter ride with Krispy creame"

    For a while there, these cretins thought Christie would be "their guy" in 2016. Amazing how quickly that changed when Christie decided to take care of his constitutes instead of trying to make Obama look bad.

    1. No, we have always been at war with Christie.

    2. As part of your larger war on sanity?