Monday, November 12, 2012

Going Galt

These are from a variety of threads that discuss "Going Galt", or cutting oneself off from society in some manner of speaking. Traditionally, going Galt means removing yourself from society completely, to the point where you aren't even on any records, but since that would be difficult, Freepers have various levels of going Galt, from not paying taxes to not hiring employees to not buying coffee from Dunkin Donuts. The idea is that if you limit how much you give the government through income or sales tax, you can "starve the beast" of Big Government.

Barter for goods and services whenever possible and always do it under the table. I’ve got a good furnace man who gives me better service at virtually no cost aside from giving him a little extra garden space and excess veggies.


Buy a welder; learn how to use it. Likewise, a pipe wrench, a chainsaw and chain files.

And reloading equipment for whatever firearms you own.

You DO own firearms, right?


Gold and silver (and guns and food) are your best bet.

Get out of all fiat currency as soon as possible. Get into precious metals before the end of this month and definitely before 1 Jan 2013, when the new BASEL rules come on.

Precious metals will be going sharply higher now.


 HOME SCHOOL! Take your children out of the propaganda system


 Watch your shows delayed, w/limited commercials, for free. I am following 2 shows on Hulu and I use the commercial time to do something else, quickly. If I miss a few minutes, I can rewind and catch it.


 I’ll be selling my acreage in Colorado and using the proceeds to purchase hard assets, such as precious metals.

I am stopping all charitable giving. I am going to choose to stop enabling people. Let them face the responsibility of their actions. It is the most loving thing to do.


Guerrilla warfare: Against all ObamaCare supporters and enablers. Send for all the free AARP information you can. Even in the name of deceased relatives or fake people. Now is an especially good time with the Medicare supplement deadline looming on December 7. Fill your fireplace with this crap or give it to your local volunteer fire department, Boy Scouts or whomever sells to a paper recycling company.

They will appreciate it and you will appreciate costing the AARP $$! 

"This is a list of “How to be Thrifty”.

Sorry, “Going Galt” is buying land in rural Colorado, selling everything, moving and recreating another society/economy."

It is about being thrifty to some extent. Pure “Going Galt” is as you describe it, but the concept is the same: disconnect from the economy and the system that is trying to suck you dry.

I also like the suggestion Mad Dawgg put up about maxing your deductions. That has nothing to do with being thrifty and everything to do with denying the gubbermint (what is essentially) a loan.


 I’m in. Add psychological warfare...spread the feeling of discontent, especially in the presence of obamanation supporters: descontent that he (O) isn’t doing as much for (us) as he promised. Subtly shift their thinking to ‘he isn’t giving me enough’. Use their laziness/greed against them. Do everything you can to stop the cash flow that they rely upon. Most of all...pray.


If you own a business:

Check out employee cars for Obama bumper stickers and employee faces for smug looks within the next few days. They should be the first to be let go.


If Romney had won, I’d have gone down and gotten a new (used) truck. Now? Forget it. I’ll stay with the one I have till it falls apart. It’s long paid for and runs like a top.\




#1 Cancel your cable. You’d only be supporting the MSM that lied and defended Obama to the tooth and help secure his re-election. I cancelled my cable and saved $1000 from going to Hollywood and the MSM.

#2 Get some business card printed up that say “Obama’s government has taken all of my money and I am unable to leave you a tip. You might try calling the White House at: (phone number) and ask Obama for your tip.” Leave this on the table whenever you go out to eat at restaurants or places where tips are customarily given.

#3 Before hiring anyone to do work on: your car, lawn, house,etc. Ask them who they voted for if they either won’t tell youor say Obama, tell them “Sorry I cannot trust your jugdment when it comes toimportant matters, how could i trust your judgement when it comes to my car...”"

I disagree with stiffing the waitress and waiters. Many, i.e. my daughter, are college graduates and cannot find jobs other than waiting tables and the like. Some, perhaps many, I don’t know, are conservative. My daughter certainly is. She has been a freeper since the early 2000s and is on the front lines of the pro-life movement. She is suffering enough under the regime’s policies. Please don’t punish her. But you can still tip off the grid. Tip in cash!


One thing I am also doing is lowering my electronic profile. I'm not posting on Facebook, except stuff that is docile. I was pretty vocal before the election. However, I do not want my activity to be reported...and I think we are coming to a time in which it will be. This electronic lowering includes my time here on FR. I'll lurk...but posting is going to become a thing of the past. This might be it outside of the gardening thread. 

Don’t forget the library - Excellent source of free materials!! Reading, CD’s. everything.

Also I agree about buying local completely. Unfortunately a lot of the “organic” type small farmers market produce people around here are “greenie” liberal Obama fans. It is possible to find good old fashioned conservative farms - you just have to be aware.


We are now living in fear. Big Brother is so powerful that we are afraid to express an opinion.

This is the definition of a totalitarian state.

We might as well not have a First Amendment if we are so fearful of exercising it that we choose not to.


"Public schools are primarily funded through property taxes so they have entitlement to the school system. Every one of us that went to public school can thank our neighbors for their taxes; property taxes, sales taxes, etc, that funded those schools. We can argue if the school system funding is proper or even if public school systems are proper but the people that were taxed for the school systems have every right to send their kids to the school"

 Everyone **loves** their favorite socialist-funded, single-payer, and compulsory use welfare program.

Government schools are the very definition of government welfare.

And...In a decade or two **all** of the arguments used to defend our nation's system of single-payer, socialist-funded, compulsory-used K-12 schools will be used to defend **Obamacare**!!!


 My wife and I are doing the same. I gave up my morning trip to Starbucks-an admittedly small gesture, but in principle starving the beast at every opportunity. I also can’t afford to quit my job like some of the critics here are suggesting. We are also not quitting Christmas, but we will give only gift cards to be redeemed after Christmas day to exploit the sale clearances and deprive big retailers of their “stupid christian” profits. We have stopped going out to dinner and only shop for necessities. Going Galt-light is something to feel like we can make a difference. Screw the FR critics - best of luck until the nation goes over a cliff or comes to it’s collective senses.


  1. "Don’t forget the library - Excellent source of free materials!! Reading, CD’s. everything."

    Yep, you can't forget the almost completely government-funded library.

  2. "We are also not quitting Christmas, but we will give only gift cards to be redeemed after Christmas day to exploit the sale clearances and deprive big retailers of their “stupid christian” profits"

    Part of me wants to tell him that Gift Cards HELP companies by increasing cash flow, but no, I won't.

  3. The "Don't forget the library" one is my favorite.

    1. It's a little bit below the "windmills could change wind patterns" comment a couple weeks back, but still a great display of ignorance.

  4. We've reached that weird place where reduce, reuse, recycle is now a Freeper mantra.