Thursday, November 29, 2012

Targeting Old White Men (...every age has its fashionable prejudices)

Article here.

Brave, very brave.

But largely true. Truth hurts.


"You can see where this line of thought leads, Rhodesia. There s your future template."

Estate taxes give the government an incentive to kill you while you still have money left.


 I cannot think of a more important & relevant point. 


"I’ve often wondered why Africa, which is often pointed to as the cradle of civilization (they had Egypt, for example), and clearly pre-dated the existence of the US, never emerged as a global military and economic super-power during any of its history.

Maybe economics and wealth are just angry, old, white male concepts."

If everything started in Africa why did they never invent anything?

I mean they never invented anything at all!

I don't count picking up a rock or stick to bong each other as an invention. Even today's apes do that, and they aren't showing any signs that they will ever ‘evolve’ into anything smarter


As a group, white men are the best fighters on Earth, bar none. All the crushing armaments and strategies to use them were largely developed by white men. That scares the hell out of commies and leftists, which is why they’re desperately trying to ally themselves with muslims. They need a surrogate army to take on white men.


 White males have been fair game for a long time now. Just pay attention to the role of the white male over 30 in advertising today. 

Even when they are under 30 and are the usual super powerful, mousse headed, Lexus driving mavericks...they are NOT more powerful or relevant than the women they wish to impress with their coifes and cars. Those women are supreme in the hierarchy. Only topped by the ones who are black. Those women are untouchable, indefatigable and untouchable. 


"Honestly the only peoples who seemed to make really great accomplishment are caucasian and oriental."

They have the highest % of Neanderthal DNA.

Africans have none.

Neanderthals had bigger brains, bigger brains is associated with higher IQ's.
Brain sizes are trending down in modern humans. 


"[On Africa not being a world power]

It has largely to do with geography.

Jared Diamond wrote a book, Guns, Germs, and Steel, which pretty much explained why.

Africa and other places, like Central and South America, did not have land masses which stretched distances lattitudinally. It is possible to travel across Eurasia from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, and he described how that was advantageous to cultural, agricultural, and scientific advances.

For example, the types of crops grown in the equatorial region of Africa will not thrive in the southern most tip of the African continent. The Dutch found that the food they grew in Holland did very well in that climate, which explains why no native agricultural tribes were established that far south."

 That book is so political correct that I have refused to read anything else by Jared Diamond since reading it.

All the worlds problems are blamed on White men.


 No doubt there will come a day when we will be pitted against in warfare like they did to those folks if the State has not already convinced those of us still left that “we do not exist”. I see this happening in South Africa to a high degree where they openly talk about killing the White people while also denying that race exists. Talk about an odd dichotomy! Race “does not exist” ie: White people “do not exist” hence we are “figments” of own own imaginations - yet we clearly exist to them when they are killing us in massive numbers! Even the President of Genocide Watch Dr. Gregory Stanton has publicly noted for over a decade now that the Boer farmers are at stage six of facing total genocide. This will be exported here as well but by then most White people will think they “deserve to die” for the imagined crimes the Left ascribes to them - forgetting that White people are victims as well.


"If everything started in Africa why did they never invent anything?"

Well, it would seem that even a fairly stupid person would notice that a round rock was rolling farther down the hill than all the others.

At some point in thousands of years they must have seen a rock slide and pick up on that fact.

You wouldn't have to be very clever to figure out that ‘round’ might be a better way to move things.

But no, as far as they ever got was dragging things around lashed to sticks.

Close all the grocery stores in the ghetto, thus removing the supply of stolen shopping carts, and you will again see the stick dragging method in common use.