Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fox calls the election for Obama

Its over.

Obama has won re-election.

He has to carry Iowa and that will take him over the top.


America has died.


 Welcome to ghetto nation.


 It looks like the freeloaders and the “lady parts” got their REVENGE on America. Well, we tried to tell them. It’s all downhill from here.



Can I have so hope somewhere?

Can/will Boehner ready impeachment proceedings for something?

Will the army of lawyers the Romney camp has use all the leads of voter fraud and make a case?


 0bama will say that the people have spoken. I can’t believe that there are that many commie morons in this Country. Welcome to the new Amerika, soon to be a third world sh*thole.


 Reince Priebus should resign tomorrow.


 For the first time in my life I'm ashamed of this country and and I'm not Proud of being a American, Freedom is more important then this country.

Your fools who knocked down Romney, killed conservative forever, and our country.

I will no longer stand for the star spangled banner.

Listen to the the words and we are all Hypocrites!


I don’t know about any of the rest of you, but as for me, I’m going underground. UNDER-FREAKIN-GROUND.


 Our lives from this point on will NEVER be the same. America has no guarantee of survival... and the weakest, most corrupt and most evil now control our future.


Goodbye America, hello permanent dark night of socialism and decline.

It was a great experiment while it lasted .


We’ve been played for fools. This is a slaughter. The powers that be made this decision long ago. And God wasn’t a part of that group. Once again I got suckered into the game.

At one point I said “We have a choice between a muslim and a mormon.” I now have to say I guess it wouldn’t have made any difference. Maybe God doesn’t want anything to do with either of them. We made this choice. And we have to live with it. Even though the country will probably die with it.

Good night all.


 Death of America. 1776-2012.


May God have mercy on this nation for what we have done to ourselves.

Gold, guns and a fortified hilltop in Tennessee, here I come.


 I said this to a duped Obama voting white male coworker: "If he wins then I hope Georgia secedes from the Union and takes North Florida with them." I'm dead serious. I've had enough.


 It’s time to figure out how to collect what’s left of the marbles and get out. Going Galt.


 Thanks for the flag hint, just lowered mine to half staff. Never thought I would have one flying higher than ole glory but I do now, my don’t tread on me flag.


 I hope my husband and I are in the same re-education camp.


It’s time for the people who make this country work to put up or shut up. It’s time to make the deadbeats feel some pain IMHO.

1) Minimize your spending. Take your savings out of the economy and hide it as best as you can.
2) In the same vein, take as much of your economic activity to the black market / cash only market as you can.
3) If you are thinking about closing your business down, go ahead
4) If you are keeping your business running, take a strong look at who you are hiring and firing (ie consider firing minorities and single women)
5) If you are a doctor begin limiting your patients or only take cash payments.
6) If you produce food (farmers) consider reducing your output to drive up prices and help Michelle O. with her fight on fat.
7)Do not associate, coach, elevate, or help in any way those who trend Democrat. This includes charities or even your own family.
8)If you are working hard to try and get ahead. Stop - enjoy your life and family while you still can.
9) Do not associate with liberal bastions such as schools, colleges, and the entertainment industry. Consider homeschooling your kids.
10) Move to a red state and start pushing for secession.
11) Military members near retirement should retire; make the Democrats fight the next war.


Unf**king believable.
Goodnight America.
You won’t recognize yourself in four years.
You will reap what you sow.


It’s a little too convenient that ALL the battle-ground states went for Obama, in spite of the high turnout for R areas and low turnout for D areas.

Valerie Jarrett, the Lord is not mocked. You will answer for this one Day. And it will suck to be you on that Day. Mark my words.


 This whole thing stinks to high heaven. It was almost like Fox was following a script. Nothing makes sense. There is no way in hell that all these people turned out to vote for Obama. There was none of the enthusiasm of 08 and for good reason, he did nothing but drag us down. Something is very, very wrong.


I’m watching the election results on FoxNews right now and crying like I haven’t in a long time. What the he** is wrong with American voters! Have they forgotten all the ills obama has forced on the citizens of the greatest country in the world, The United States of America. And what about all those people who were survivors of Hurricane Sandy who can vote until Friday because the storm has devastated so much of NJ, NYC, and CT? Aren’t those votes supposed to be counted as well?


 "If Obama is reelected, this country will fall.

I'm 27 years old and have nothing going for me. More companies will go out of business, and more jobs will be lost and shipped overseas. I'm going to be fined because I won't be able to find a job to buy worthless government healthcare.

I came home from voting upbeat and confident. Now I feel useless and I'm at a crossroads in my life that I fear and don't want to face.

I'm almost 30, and I have nothing. What the hell am I going to do?"

 At least you got 5 years on me. The American Dream is dead, I just wish we we born earlier to experience it for ourselves.


 My wife wants to check out of this country...seriously were not pulling a histrionic reaction here. I don’t know what to do. I feel totally lost for me and my family.


 I was afraid to post this dream I had. I was 50, had a young wife and small children, I remember having a locket around my neck. I was in the woods with my father, who was close to 80. It was Civil War II we were fighting and the bad guys were closing in. All I remember is I had an M1 Garand (or maybe the M1 carbine) and .45 (like my grandfather had at Normandy) and I remember saying to my Dad, “if we make it to the Blazer, we’ll be OK.” We made it, fired it up and escaped. I woke up in a cold sweat with my heart racing. Is this our future? I did not tell this dream outside my mother and father.


Joseph McCarthy was right...

Decades of public schools and the systematic indoctrination in Marxism and revised US History...
The intentional sabotage of the US family, creating entire classes of government-dependant blocks (now approaching 50% of the population).

And the list goes on - This has been a long time coming.


No problem. We red states go 10th amdt all the way.

Cat Obama will be skinned, one way or the other.


I believe zero’s goal is even worse than the previous communists in that he expects to destroy Israel and deliver us to the Muslim Brotherhood. It would take another Crusades to rid us of that and impossible to imagine it happening especially with them having nukes and the lack of any belief system to oppose Islam save the remaining Christians.

The desire of so many to be government beggars will in the long term end in a way they didn’t expect.



If America elects a President:

- who won’t release (in fact, has sealed) his own proof of birth
- who won’t release (in fact, has sealed) his own college transcripts and published materials
- whose background includes mentoring by known communists and socialists
- who surrounds himself with known communists and socialists
- who can’t be trusted to tell us the truth about anything
- who has run our economy, our military, and our reputation into the ground

Then we deserve what we are about to get.


 More fishheads and rice while busting ass doing (non-taxable) things for my family.


Just unbelievable. We’re done as a nation. Contrast this with 1980! We are just not the people we were when I was a kid.

Just had a baby girl so I won’t be committing suicide. We have to look out for ourselves, our loved ones and each other now. If we couldn’t beat Obama in this economy we won’t again win a presidential election. Media did this.


We’ll be laying off three employees next week. Sad. We were hoping for a change in business climate, but there will be more recession with Obama back in. And ObamaCare is causing us to consider closing our shop all together, because we can’t see how we can make a profit in the future. We’ll be okay, but our employees will have a hard time.


 My worries are so many.

What will happen to...

--Private property?

--Our precious Military?

--Our borders?



--Our economy?


--The last vestiges of the tiniest possibility of a fair election in the future?

I have many more, but I'm a little upset and distracted at the moment...


If we are going to suffer through another 4 years of 0bama my Old Glory is coming down...I refuse to fly it another day under his dictatorship.

And now we are going to be taxed to death. And since our girls are all 0bama fans, they are going to be written out of my half of the trust,,,,no one who supports this kind of nation will get anything of mine..not even the lint in my dryer.


I heard a woman on talk radio who said her brother in Afghanistan didn’t get to vote. I doubt he was the only one.

I was going to go to a Veteran’s Parade on Sunday. Not now. I can’t salute that flag when Sheila Jackson Lee is on the float.


I was a poll watcher today in an affluent VA “exurb” of DC. The voters looked like the UN. Far more than I had realized. They live in enclaves and don’t assimilate. But they managed to get to the polls. And they didn’t seem to be coming out of a desire to save America. You could see those people a mile away and there were far too few of them.

24 hours ago, I thought this election would be like 1980. But when I saw the voters today, I thought, wow, Ted Kennedy’s plan to import enough people who would create a permanent Democrat majority has come to fruition. They can relate to Obama. His looks, his African, Muslim and Indonesian connections, and his contempt for America make them comfortable. They can’t readily relate to Romney/Ryan. Then you add in the brainwashed white women and it makes a majority. I wish it were possible to “Go Galt.”. I just can’t stand being around these liberals anymore. It matters too much to me to fake it.


 Gonna shoot off a few hollow points in the fog.Get ready for complete tyranny.
People just have no idea what they're voting for.

I may move to Israel. Maybe I can live in some semblance of freedom/democracy before I go out protecting the burning olive trees. Wonder if Nefesh b' Nefesh will take me but I am part of no "community organizations."



Bill O’Reilly nailed it. We are now a nation of takers. Gimmee gimmee gimmee.

Rugged individualism died with John Wayne. Tax payer provided birth control for sluts decided an election, at least according to Fox and its reporting of the so-called gender gap.

There are 47 million people of food stamps. And they LIKE it. I vomit at the thought of it.
God rest the brave men and women who have died over the centuries defending this once-great Republic. She is no more.


A country gets the politicians they deserve, not the ones they need, especially in the Oliver Twist Society “More Sir”,

more welfare, more free phones, more deficit, more gay marriage, more persecution of religion, more syphcophantic pandering to middle east tinpots, more debt, more lies, more unemployment, more hidden unemployment, more gutlessness.

You don’t need any qualifications to be a politician, unfortunately you dont need any to be a voter either.


"What on earth do we do?"

 First I would looking up the bible verse 2 Chronicles 7:14, read it, memorize it and think about what it means, teach it to your children and grandchildren.

Next understand that God is under no obligation to save a nation that murders 52 million of their innocent, unborn babies. A political party that barely tolerates some of their members that want to shut down wholesale murder of its unborn, has no right to have any of those people support whomever the decide should be their candidate.

Next understand that Germany did elect Adolph Hitler even though there were good people living there, and told their friends and neighbors how bad he was but they elected him anyway.

I'm not saying Barack Obama is Adolph Hirler, I think he is worse and I think we will come to understand that our fellow citizens who voted for his reelection will approve of most anything he wants to do, including ending the lives of sick elderly as he does agree that the sick and handicapped suck up "healthcare dollars!"


  1. Weep and gnash your teeth, you traitorous filth. For this one:

    "Rugged individualism died with John Wayne."

    The rugged individualism you're imagining died with the transcontinental railroad. Marion Morrison was an actor. His works are fictional.

  2. How much brain damage have you accumulated from pouring through Free Republic? I do appreciate that you take the time to distill the derp for us but be safe and protect your sanity man.

  3. The sad thing is it looks too much like my wife's Facebook feed. I thought freepers were the fringe.

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  5. I was going to go to a Veteran’s Parade on Sunday. Not now. I can’t salute that flag when Sheila Jackson Lee is on the float.

    This is coming from the same group of a-holes, who thought protesting an illegal war was "unpatriotic", but when a black guy they believe is a socialist gets reelected, no we don't put our country before party.

    In short fuck these assholes.

  6. "I hope my husband and I are in the same re-education camp."

    Re-education? I think you're giving yourself too much credit there sweet-tits!

  7. I find these peoples' screams of inchoate rage and delusional terror hilarious, but I can't help being worried that one of them might decide to go out in a blaze of gunfire.

    Their enemies might be imaginary, but the casualties they'll make fighting against them are quite real.