Monday, November 26, 2012

Why aren’t Asians Republicans?

"My thesis is that the GOP is in trouble across the electoral board because it has become identified in the public mind with social conservatism."

Then we are doomed as a nation. I know of no historical precedent for a country whose greatness did not reflect the moral fiber of its citizens. 


 This is a good question. I live near a HUGE Asian concentration in the San Gabriel Valley. I’ve noticed that they are hard working, they are homeowners, they are business owners, the are professionals, they are upscale, they are suburban, they believe in higher education, ....I ‘ve also noted a far higher rate of regular church attendance than the general population as well as a stronger family unit than the general population. Bottom line: They work hard, pay taxes, have strong family values and are very religious. Why this group is favoring the Dems is BEYOND my powers of understanding. Because Asians do so well in academics and education in general, they over-represented in many of the state’s universities and therefore subject to reverse discrimination and adverserly impacted by racial quotas. The only thing I can figure is that they perceive the GOP to be too tough on immigration and not inclusive enough. Other than that it makes no sense. The Asians I see are not into the free stuff bs. They LIKE to work and make money and own businesses and go to church.


 My 'thesis' is that Asian-Americans, whose natural values tend to be conservative, send their kids to the Public School indoctrination system. They cannot help but come out of this system with the idea that Republicans are represented by the Simon LeGree's, and Robber Barons, or the past. They may be well educated in the areas of Math and Science (as their parents will often provide tutors, and programs outside the Government Schools system - to improve their children's competencies in these areas), but they are woefully ignorant of the history of this Nation -- how it was founded by Christians who believed in limited government, and a self-sufficiency dependent on the mercies of God and help from family and neighbors in the time of need. They aren't taught about the abysmal failure of previous attempts at socialism - and their inevitable descent into the enslavement of the populace.

This is also true of the Euro-Americans (except, perhaps, for the part about parents pushing their children to excel at Math and Science). Our 'schools' have become brainwashing camps, which output good little slaves to the Godless Government. 


Free Stuff: Where my sister works as a public health nurse in one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S. (just outside of Washington, D.C.), Orientals flock to the free clinics for health care, including vaccinations, prenatal exams, medications, primary care, acute care, etc. And they frequently arrive and depart in luxury vehicles. !!! Free Stuff !!!  


Asians are not a naturally conservative voting block … they hate and resent whites too. They may be intelligent, but they’re also rather “beta”. I used to subscribe to like 30 asian-american blogs at one time and it turned me from a asiaphile to a asiaphobe. What made me laugh the most is when they would CONSTANTLY conflate Hollywood and “conservative, white, christian America”. There is no reasoning with these people. The only exception to this rule is ironically asian Christians.
Religion is the only thing that keeps people from acting as racialists.

The GOP is fighting a losing battle and need to acknowledge it in their hearts. The best route to go is Milton Freidman in public and Guillaume Faye in cloak and dagger.True Conservatives would reject America and plan for what happens afterwards.


Funny, but I never thought of Asians as moochers and slobs. But I guess the numbers don't lie. 


 "Why this group is favoring the Dems is BEYOND my powers of understanding. Because Asians do so well in academics...."

But you've put you're finger on a huge part of the problem: the more time you spend in academia (either as a student or as a professor), the more liberal you become. Also--and this has come as a shock to white folks--racial identity is an amazingly powerful force in voting decisions. It's more powerful than values with most minorities. Asians see themselves as "outsiders," and Obama as one who can sympathize with them. Those judgments may be absolutely irrational, but they hold sway with a lot of voters, even those in the "cognitive elite." Racial ID and liberal indoctrination are important reasons Asians voted for Zero. 


 "Are you kidding? Every Asian that I know is a Republican.

My Vietnamese sister-in-law even says that the Democrats act too much like communists for her likes (some years ago, she spent a half year in a communist reeducation camp)."

Asian_ Americans voted Obama 3-1. That’s not a fluke, that’s a fundamental divide between us and them.


The Christian section of Asian American community may tend to reflect Western values, however, the vast majority are not Christian open to moral relativism. My wife observed an Asian couple (professionals) attempting to steal valuable items from a vendor’s table. She managed to confront them politely and they coughed up the items before they could get away. I do see a lot of open cash boxes in the Asian small businesses. They pay what taxes they can’t figure a way out of. These people are not puritans and a lot are very adept at milking the system. They do like freebies.


 Yes, Asians tend to, like the Hispanics, have stronger family values.

But the Asians, like the Hispanics, go for the freebies.

As one Chinese told me, who has strong family values, “If someone offers me (freebies), I’ll vote for them.”

It’s the freebies.

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  1. Kinda beautiful to see cognitive dissonance in its full glory.

    Also, I really hope I don't live near a freeper.

    /lives in Ohio, so, totally possible