Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How the West Was Lost by Native Americans

Civilization and savagery cannot co exist. One has to lose to the other. 

The coming of the white man was a net benefit to the white man and the indian living in North America.

P.S. Everyone born here is a native American. No one group has the right to arrogate such a title. 


The idea that Native americans have some special rights is ludicrous. They were nomads. Conquering territory wa the rule both for the world and the indians at the time.


We get it: white people are inherently evil and earth would still be the Garden of Eden if they weren’t around.


 When I was in school (50s & early 60s) the PC term for indians as Aboriginal Americans. Americans like me were called Native Americans, because we were born here and our families had been here for generations.

In this day, how far back do you have to trace your ancestry to be able to use ther term Native. My family is traceable back 406 years.


It just took one hundred and eleven years for the ignorant freedom loving Indians to lose America to the Europeans.

It has actually taken less than that for the ignorant freedom loving whites to lose it to the socialists.

The only consolation in the whole thing is that there has to be a purpose behind it that is ordained by God.


I think of it this way.

Why was the nomadic nature worshiping Amerindian given so much credit for living at one with nature and being enlightened - while the nomadic nature worshiping Mongol is given so little credit for living at one with nature and being enlightened? 


I read a biography of Lewis and Clark awhile back (?Undaunted Courage?). In it there was a basic culture clash between white guys who thought that manhood meant growing up to be prosperous, and well-respected for leadership in the community, and native guys who thought that manhood meant being a warrior. The whole idea of having peace with other tribes, including the white one, seemed ludicrous to young tribesmen, because it would basically mean that they would never have a chance to be real men. Peace was for wusses. If those were the underlying assumptions of the two groups of men, I can see why peace and understanding didn’t happen.


‘well, for classification, what term would you use to define a person who identifies with a pre-columbus ethnicity?’


On the flip side:

" I keep seeing the words “nomad” here and only the Plains Indians could be identified with that word. I do not know what the percentage of Indians could legally be called nomads but I believe it to be a small number on the total population. Tribes like mine, the Yuroks, of the Klamath River in N. Calif, as well as all their surrounding tribes, were settled along the river in redwood plank houses and hardly ever moseyed outside their tribal area. ( Yuroks are thee biggest tribe in Calif. over 5000)"

Too many people on this board don’t know or understand basic American history. Their ingnorance tends to show up in comments such as the nomad statement.

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