Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fox News ends interview abruptly when guest slams network

Excerpt: "Jon Scott was interviewing Thomas Ricks about his book, "The Generals" when Ricks accused Fox News of hyping up the recent attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi"

If the Media isn't interested in the story, then we are obviously being nothing but political (sarcasm). I don't know why anyone would join this Admin in any capacity. The only important person in the world in The Won. Everyone else is expendable in his pursuit of the destruction of our beloved USA.  


Who gave the order to our military to “stand down” and NOT implement plans to rescue our men in Benghazi on 9-11-12?




When the guest referred to the terrorist attack as a “small firefight”, it exposed him as a communist/muslim sycophant.

Good for John Scott to boot him off and stop the dishonesty.


 Ricks and his fellow travelers will declare his attack on Fox to be a great victory, much like the towel heads who got their butts kicked recently by Israel. Expect them to begin firing their guns into the air, ululating all the while.


 Isn’t it funny, that to question the President’s motive and lies about Benghazi (a job the media used to do) equates to being political... GD the left and all they stand for, why do we even give them a platform...


I don’t think news programs do this enough. When a guest shows up and refuses to address the questions, choosing instead to just regurgitate prepackaged talking points then he or she should be given the zot. I want to hear thoughtful discussion not mindless propaganda.


The liberals are filled with rage. They won the WH, seats in the Senate, and House, and they are still filled with rage. No doubt, this situation will not end well. The liberals are tipping their hand, and our side is falling in line like little puppies, and still there is rage coming from the liberals. Always knew the liberals wanted it all, and soon anyone disagreeing with liberals, will be an outlaw. This planet has moved quickly to the 1930s. A prayer God will stop the slide, of this planet, on the razor blade toward the pool of alcohol. Too bad the liberals haven’t awaken to the fact that they too are on that razor blade.


In the world-wide global islamic “ummah,” Benghazi is seen as America’s Stalingrad. Seriously.
The Amriki crusaders were driven out of Eastern Libya, the cradle of jihad, it total defeat, humiliation, and disgrace. The Amriki ambassador was killed and defiled, dragged through the streets. The Amriki did NOTHING in response.

Benghazi is seen by a billion-plus muslims as a sign of total collapse of American will.
As bad as the four dead are, the symbolic defeat is much, much worse in terms of setting us up for more attacks.


I hope this incident gets more exposure. Maybe some book reviews at Amazon would help. 


Everyone who could testify about who did or did not give the order has been systematically removed from positions which offered them some official semblance of security and credibility.
They are out in the cold. 

Pretty soon these nonpersons will be removed from official photographs/images. I would wager the obscure are beginning to fade away as we type, if a few haven't had unfortunate events/accidents already.

Persistence on their part will be likely rewarded with prosecution on some charge, the systematic destruction of their reputations, or a dirtnap.

The high profile people involved are a clear message to the little folks that no one is too big, none too prominent, none too important, so the lesser players had better keep their mouths shut.

Calling this a Stalinesque obscenity is an understatement. For the second operation we know of (Fast and Furious/Castaway, now Benghazi, both likely gunrunning operations) which was likely approved at the highest levels within our government, people have been slaughtered and the Ministry of Propaganda (ABCNNBCBS) has barely made a peep.

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