Friday, November 30, 2012

Cribs for needy families stolen in Woodstock (unintentional irony alert)

Excerpt: "Inside that trailer, five brand new cribs intended for needy mothers like Angela, who earned them by attending parenting classes. Angela arrived at the ministry for pregnant women and new mothers on Thursday afternoon, hoping to pick up the crib for her three-month old son, David.

“Just to find out this,” she said, shaking her head in sad surprise, “I’m really disappointed.”"

There's some confusion amongst the Freepers, since this is a very young poor girl who attends a ministry and carried her child to term, but she is also a poor single mother who might be on welfare and was expecting to get a crib for free.

Note the comments from "Angela." Here she is expecting to get something for nothing - a handout, and she has the nerve to say the thieves should be ashamed of themselves. WELL TOOTSIE ROLL DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU! You are a parasite and a burden on society. YOU should be ashamed of YOURSELF for being so irresoponsible as drop a kid that you expect someone else to pay for. 

From my viewpoint there isn't any difference between "Angela" and then thieves except they weren't too lazy to steal on their own, and "Angela" was too lazy to even do that - doubtless relying on the government to supply her EBT card loaded with stolen dollars form the taxpayers and charity to supply her lifestyle. I wonder if she has a flat screen TV. I also wonder where be the baby daddy. 


 Did you ever wonder whether Angela is only 15, still a legally innocent child herself, and has been spawned by irresponsible parents and also abandoned by the baby daddy and his family? Have a heart. At least she did complete the parenting classes and we aren’t as likely to see her yelling at her crying baby and hitting it in the grocery aisles.


well...If you don't want the (little) bastard sleeping w/ you, put 'em in an open Chester drawer....
and "a pill between your knees" to keep the (big) bastard out!..
just some "helpful advice"..
& don't give me the doggie-style joke either.


"Didn't Angela show up at a ministry, and attend parenting classes?"

So what? Does that mean she's going to give up her (assumed) EBT card?

"Perhaps a more forgiving attitude to fellow sinners is in order"

You can forgive all you want. But irresponsible a$$holes like her are what is ruining this country. Want to guess how she voted? Going out on a lib here, but I'm going to say 0bama.

I doubt that 15 year old Angela voted at all.


There are lots of people whose parents aren't the greatest that don't continue the cycle. Unless she was the victim of rape, she spread 'em willingly and knowing what the result was likely to be. Birth control is very widely available, and if you can't afford kids without burdening other people with the cost of your pleasure you shouldn't have 'em. 


in the 70’s, 50% of illegitimate babies were put up for adoption. Adopted children do much better in life than even children born to two parent homes.
Now less than 1% of illegitimate children are put up for adoption.


 There are so many of these “ministries” where they believe they’re helping these people. Yet, I’m not sure they’re really correcting attitudes (which they should be about) or just giving handouts (which is what they’re doing). It’s simply another method for redistributing the wealth. People feel sorry and give. Others take. Just because Angela attended a parenting class doesn’t mean that she has changed her attitude or her desire to “better” her life situation.


Re-enstate the work requirement for government assistance for a starter. Make it MORE DIFFICULT, not less difficult to get on the welfare roles. When you do this you force people to be more fiscally responsible. Without fail every food stamper and now EBT card user I've had the misfortune to get behind in the grocery store makes two piles. first the groceries, and then the beer/wine etc. and (usually) dog food. They pay for the groceries, get cash and then use the cash to pay for the beer and dog food. And let's not mention the grocery choices. These usually fallinto two categories: The expensive prepackaged entrees that require minimal work to prepare, or alternatively expensive cuts of meat. 


Mary was a homeless teenage mother.


  1. "Mary was a homeless teenage mother."

    I'm going to imagine this is where things went from bad to Freepers.

  2. "Want to guess how she voted? Going out on a lib here, but I'm going to say 0bama."

    "I doubt that 15 year old Angela voted at all."


  3. Just goes to show that all the Freeper talk about preferring the private sector (family, churches, charities) to the public sector as the social safety net is bunk when it comes down to it. They just prefer to hate and despise the less fortunate (whether by their own actions or just bad luck) just for hate's sake.

    They also enjoy moving the goalposts. People should do something to earn their donation. Well, this young woman did by taking a course. Nope! Not good enough for the Freepers.

    I'm not pro-teen motherhood but I accept that it exists and that a church ministry providing some coaching and some aid is a good thing both for the church and the mother/child. Freepers would rather she just not exist. Nevermind the lack of compassion for the girl being homeless at 15 and hence not likely growing up in a family environment that gave her no chance in life. Also I guess its worth it for the innocent baby to suffer too, so Freepers can prove a point.

    PS- Why can't Freetards refer to sex like adults? They always make it sound semi-vulgar and ugly with their constant talk of "spread legs".

  4. "PS- Why can't Freetards refer to sex like adults? They always make it sound semi-vulgar and ugly with their constant talk of "spread legs"."

    But sex is ugly and vulgar! Just because God commanded you to be fruitful and multiply didn't mean you'll be allowed to enjoy it, you harlot!