Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little Falls man describes 'finishing' teenagers with shots to heads

This tragic story comes from Little Falls, Minnesota, where two teenagers broke into the home of a 64-year-old man on Thanksgiving evening. There are rumors that the kids may have been drunk or on drugs. He shot and killed both of them, apparently injuring each first, and then pulling them onto a tarp and then shooting them through the head, execution style. He then just let the bodies lie there for 24 hours until a neighbor called the police.

Here is an article about the events.

The two teenagers broke into his home to steal something to support their drug habit.

The first shots were legit, the finishing shots were murder.


I’m not going to shed any tears for the victims.


That is how real home invaders should be treated though


He is charged with ‘murdering’ two teens.

Gad, the propaganda. “They were such nice kids, everybody loved them, inseparable, yadayada.”
What, exactly, are the workplace guarantees that criminals can expect when they choose this line of work? To be only shot once? To be asked, politely, to leave. To have to pay for the broken windows and smashed in doors, or is that just the victim’s tough luck? To be able to laugh and ‘express their feelings’ to the person they are robbing?

Might be none of the above.


"...what he told police was a "good clean finishing shot.""

Never say anything except "I was in fear for my life". 


I don’t know which way to go on this story.. It’s possible these kids were breaking into his house and stealing stuff over a number of many days or months.. Or, it’s possible they didn’t even break into his house and that he lured them in. I’d like to see the police reports from prior burglaries. Also, if this man has lost valuables on numerous occasions I can understand his rage. These kids don’t look thugs but.. Who the hell knows anymore.


No way to condone what he did, but criminals had better understand that their actions have consequences, sometime severe, or even final.

Tragic, but I won’t waste any tears over these two.


The guy would've gotten off without charge if the teens had been gunned down while breaking in. The fact that the guy had been robbed before and was under high stress will, I suspect, play a major role in his defense.

A kid I knew from my high school days once told me that he got an adrenaline rush by burgling homes. I told him he should take up a safer sport like alligator wrestling because he could end up dead. Unfortunately for him, that is exactly what happened not long afterward.

"Normally I root for the homeowner who's being intruded upon and threatened with bodily harm or death,but this just sounds like someone who was ready,willing and able to kill."

 There is somthing wrong with that???


So, what should have happened to the drug-addict thieves?

Tea and crumpets? Maybe a nice warm bath with some hot cocoa? Maybe they should have chosen a different home with an elderly guy that wasn’t armed that they could have beaten to death and THEN taken all his stuff...

Maybe that would have fit your delicate sensibilities better.


"Still, if it’s true that an execution-style killing ended this sad story, can you really defend it?"

Yes. I have ZERO sympathy for thieves and anyone else who initiated force/fraud/theft against someone else.

She was dying anyway. If he had just let her gasp on for a few more minutes, would that have made him "more humane" in your eyes and that of the Leftist Mlps Star Tribune?


"These teens were not "nice kids."

However, Smith shot the woman, who was unarmed, until she was incapacitated and then - instead of calling 911 - deliberately finished her off.

He is a psychopath and a murderer"

So, what you are saying is that it is a bad idea to break into someones home because they might go all psycho on you and kill you...

Good advise.


Why do we think the only people allowed to execute anyone is the government? When someone is a predator and enters someone else’s home to commit an act such as theft they deserve to be executed on the spot.


When some criminals invade my home I'm not going to conduct an investigation as I don't know how many of them are there, what guns they have or will draw on me , I will shoot first and ask questions later, shoot with a high calibar semiautomatic weapon . I advise all to do the same. Of course you can sit there and ask questions and so and let some thug or yute draw and shoot or torture you to death as i have read so many stories of but I don't recommend that.  


When the SHTF, we will have many more of these incidents. In some cases, nice, good looking kids will be killed while looking for food, and in other cases, a van will pull up with 3 guys with ARs looking for food and whatever else they can find. Of course, the media puts out a story of a kook recluse with a wild looking mug shot and two beautiful looking teens.

If someone breaks into your house, you shouldn’t have look up castle law cases before reacting. And shouting out to the intruder, “watch out I have a gun” will give away your position and might be followed by a few rounds in your direction.

But that being said, this guy sure had a sick streak. Finishing them off and not calling the police right away will not win him any points.


In one of the stories it said Bauer heard them enter his bldg, got his gun and sat in his chair until they started down the stairs. AND according to stories, when his first weapon jammed and the girl laughed at him, he retrieved and used another. He wasn’t exactly ‘trapped’ and unable to retrieve another weapon.

From a legal perspective, what’s important is that they weren’t exactly dead after the initial shots. After his legitimate self-defense, Bauer chose to execute them, thus violating the law


"I'm saying two things:

(1) It is always a bad idea to break into someone's house.

(2) It is always a bad idea to murder a helpless woman in cold blood.

If she hadn't broken into the house, she wouldn't be dead.

If he hadn't murdered a helpless woman, he wouldn't be dying in prison."

2 isn't necessarily correct. From his wording, it sounds like she was dying already from the initial shots and he put her out of her misery. 

Of course, you are free to spin it the other way if that is your inclination. 


Charge him with improper storage of human remains then... He didn't murder them. They committed suicide using his bullets. 


Highly intelligent? Retired professional? No criminal history?

Doesn’t quite live up to the blood thirsty psychopath folks are trying to paint him as.


""[Picture from Last Crusade]: They chose... poorly."

The subtext of your post is: "This torture and murder of a teenaged woman has a real funny side to it.""

Make up your mind. “Torturing” her would have been to allow her to choke to death on her own blood.

Or are you just making crap up now...

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  1. "The two teenagers broke into his home to steal something to support their drug habit. The first shots were legit, the finishing shots were murder."

    Maybe they're not all insane...

    "That is how real home invaders should be treated though" and "Charge him with improper storage of human remains then...He didn't murder them. They committed suicide using his bullets."