Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Lesbian Goes to U.S. Senate in 'Historic' Election Night for LGBTs (USA's Descent)

Summary: On Tuesday, Tammy Baldwin became the first openly gay woman to be elected to the US Senate.

Where's the gaggle of fools who continue to honk that 'diversity' is America's strength? Homosexuals add nothing to the content but evil.

 Rome fell and we are following exactly in the same, identical fashion. Without a strong moral fiber, we're done! Like one wise man said in paraphrase, This nation cannot be governed by anything but a well informed and moral people. The average person is not well informed, nor are they moral. Bottom line: We're toast! 


ah baloney

Hillary Rodham’s husband outed her to his mistresses

way back wasn’t there a black lesbian Senator named Barbara Jordan?

I am strongly of the mind we are a divided nation and not repairable. I think we need to divide up. How about the normal people whom I consider as moral, sober, conservative, and producers take half the states and the rest can go to hell.

Look at the election map from last evening. Put all the blue states into one pot and all the red states into another and each go their own way. This is a statement against self interest as I would have to move over the boarder in Ga. I won’t miss them.


"And people like you are the reason we lost the election with your hateful nutball talk."

what the hell are you on about, the poster never made any hate comment, that line of attack you have just done is what th left does when one opposes their agenda.

Homosexuality is not normal, a man getting turned on about wanting to stick his penis up a hole where feces comes out of is not healthy, nor normal nor natural or what nature intended.
It is a perverted sex and that is it and they think they shoudl ne proud of how they have their sex and then be celebrated as if they’re hero’s?

We never lost the election because of talk like that we lost it due to voter fraud, a media which lied and a community of blacks who are racst and only voted based on color.


 As the writer suggested, this ain't the first lesbian in the Senate ~ just the first "open lesbian", whatever that might mean. The old bat from Baltimore, Mikulski, is pretty obvious, as was Hillary Clinton, and quite possibly the two out in California ~ they set off gaydar all over the place ~ them and their beards. 

Lesbians have added nothing positive to Senatorial process. 


Let them have their homo, turd poking, strap on sex , pro illegals, debt, big Govt and spending utopia and leave the people with morals, workers, respect the law, normal hard working folk to get on with life instead of always having to react tot heir radical socialist homo agenda

Since when was it natural or normal or what nature intended when a woman has ot wear a strap on pretend penis, then pretend to be a guy and then have sex with another woman.

When did it become healthy, natural, normal etc when a man wants and gets turned on by wanting to insert his penis into another mans hole.

 It;’s utterly sick and they are proud of that.

We had a troll yesterday on here before he got banned but he kept saying the GOP has to be more pro homo, YEA RIGHT, and how kids accept it more, though he admits he has no kids unlike me.
I told him that here my kids an dtheir friends and where my wife works with kids do not accept the homosexuality.

If they ever do then ask a boy aged 14 that do you think sticking a body part up a place which was designed for feces, turds etc come out is good and I guarantee that they will say yuck but what we have is Hollywood and the media making it out that homosexuality is all about love.

 It is not , I love my dog but feel no need to have sex with it 


  When CWII comes, it will be just like 151 years ago, family & friends will be split. Need to start figuring out who will be in front of my sights and who will be behind them. Sounds harsh but that's the direction we're moving in. 


 The bitch makes me sick as she is MY representative. SHe was labeled the MOST LIBERAL of all in Washington and now she’s a senator. She is more liberal than Pelosi and that is REALLY bad. Maybe she will come up with some sort of bad disease due to her life style.


I’m sure that there have been others before her.

But what an individual chose to do with their private parts used to be, well, private.

From the “love that dare not speak its name” to the “love that won’t shut the hell up.”


" !!!!!!!!!WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!

Because a small minority of people who walk amongst us find those of the same sex attractive? 

Get a grip" 

the country is toast.

Homosexuals are defeind because of they have their sex, their sexual ways bring nothing to the country, hell they can;t even re-produce. and it is a big more than being same sex attraction which is how you stated it and certainly the nicest way one can say it.

The poster also mentioned that we need people with knowldge and be informed but I guess you missed that part


  1. Freepers really like talking about feces. I guess when your full 'o shiat it's gotta be let out at some point.

    It also really amazes me that they seem oblivious to the reality that millions of heterosexual couple engage in oral and anal sex.

    They must have really dull sex lives in order to have so many tears of impotent rage.

  2. It's part of that "I'm not going to do any of that, and I'll make damn sure nobody else will either!" philosophy so many of them have. I'm guessing their own sex lives are lights off, missionary only, twice a month, final destination.