Thursday, November 29, 2012

[From The Day Before The Election:] Do you think any liberals are nervous tonight? (Vanity)

It's been a bit of a slow day at FR, so I dug back and found this little gem from the day before the election.

Vanity post:

I watch Dick Morris's predictions and I feel pretty good. But then I check out DemocratUnderground, and it looks like those guys are REALLY confident that Obama's going to win tomorrow.

What do you guys think? Do you think these liberals are all 100% confidence or do you think a few might be a little anxious too? 

If anyone has an personal stories about an anxious liberal they know, please share!


"My liberal neice did a posting on FaceBook intending to console Romney voters that life will still go on with another four years of Obama. I’d say she’s confident."

I hope she's a "Walking Dead” fan because that's what the future holds for women with the government gimme types living the part of zombies when the free goodies run out. 


Nah, they are too dumb to be nervous.


If there is any Democrat in any contested race anywhere - be it dogcatcher, sheriff, city commissioner, county commissioner, state senator or representative, congresscritter, senator, or president, they need to be worried because they are likely to be replaced before tomorrow is done.  


ANY Democrat pretending to be confident is just plain stupid and clearly drinking Obama’s kool-aid. Obama campaign this afternoon told them not to get discouraged when they start hearing the actual vote numbers coming in tomorrow. Why? Not because those numbers are inaccurate — they are — but because they still want Dems in the west to turn out so Obama doesn’t get smoked in the popular vote too. Obama pushing the head fake to discourage Republican turnout. Chicago pulled out all the stops, including psy-ops. Say your prayers tonight and rest easy. Tomorrow will be a good day for the good guys.


Liberals are very confident. The mainstream media and the vast majority of election guru’s like Sabato, Cook, etc, are predicting an Obama victory. And of course Nate Silver’s “model” gives them great comfort.


I don’t know about anybody else but I feel like an expectant father and if Romney wins, it’s a boy. If Obama wins, it’s a girl...No offense, ladies!


The liberal people I work with are confident. LOLOL!!

Looking forward to seeing their faces on Wednesday, just as much as I look forward to seeing Mika’s and Chrissy’s and Soledad’s the morning after.


Nope - I don't think the average Dim on the street is one bit nervous - they've been told Obama has it in the bag. 

On the other hand, those with half a brain knows there is big trouble - but, many of them bank on voter fraud (more this election than at any other time.) So yeah, they're nervous as hell. 

But at the highest ranks of leftist politics, they KNOW Obama is likely toast - yet they hope to pull off a narrow win with their massive disinformation campaign. Of course it won't work - Romney will win - bigger than they would dare imagine.

 Liberalism is a mental disorder. I’m a conservative and I’m nervous. a rational person should be nervous because nobody knows who will turnout in what numbers tomorrow. But the nervousness is the same nervousness I had before a football game. Slight elevation in adrenaline ready to go. Go Mitt!


My lib co-workers are cocky as hell this week, acting like they’ve got it in the bag, bragging about how O has “so many paths” to 270.

Joke’s on them though.. they’ll get to experience the horror as one door after another slams shut in their faces! Almost makes me wish we were having an Election Party, just so I could see their reactions in person.

Too bad. I’ll just be content to taste their tears on the 7th. Suckers! They’d better start praying that Ginsburg can hold-on for another four years; ha!


Strange that my liberal acquaintances just haven't been into any kind of political exchanges this year whenever I've run into them in all kinds of situations.

I've seen only two bumper stickers for Obama in this liberal town. My liberal sister is also quiet.
I recently joked to her about our new President Romney will be taking over a mess and I got a chuckle out of her and she went on to say how important the senate races will be.

She seem resigned to the fact that Romney will win and she's an MSNBC addict and seems to know nothing not mentioned there.

I feel good about this election. More Americans see Obama and his crowd as serious threats to our country and it's future 


My ultra lib sister in Chicago is confused, they have been running anto Obama commercials starting today. She can’t figure out why because the state is not a battleground.


I also have liberal relatives.

While a ‘truce’ has been declared over the last couple years, (after I rubbed their ‘racist’ charge hypocrisy, and the historical dem party racism hypocrisy in their face, from which they didn’t recover), the silence from them is deafening. The record of this president for the last four years just is too much to answer to.

Not engaging me though is probably wise. I am loaded for bear.


For the liberals to be nervous that means they actually care about this country. They are arrogant, fantasy driven, entitlement gripping, you accept my sin and I’ll accept yours type of people. They are not nervous because they think this election will be “taken care of” just like their food stamps and welfare checks.

When Romney wins tomorrow - shock and awe will pour over them because they will realize they just might have to go to work .... and then riots will commence.


The libs in my office are mute -— they will not speak of the election, but if you prod them enough about the outcome, they will portend a doom, the likes of which have never been seen, should Romney win.
It’s how I lift my spirits each day.


  1. "I watch Dick Morris's predictions and I feel pretty good."

    Wonder what that guy feels now?