Friday, March 9, 2012

Job Growth In New York City Is Blowing Everyone's Mind

Article From Business Insider

We're back!!
Get them credit cards out, happy days are here.

Oh Yeah...

Vote for Obama.


"The tourism here is mind blowing. I am in NYC and we are flooded w tourists, which is a good thing."

Illegal aliens are not tourists. :)


I have been all over the united states and have seen a lot of places worth visiting, but I would not list new york city in the top 10,000.


Most likely the weak dollar. I’ve been following the Australian dollar and it’s currently worth $1.05 US. When I was there it was $1US was worth $2 Aus dollar. No one was coming to the US because it cost them double. Now the opposite is true.


More people actively looking for work I'd guess.


This is more liberal media lies.Seasonably adjusted are not real jobs.That's a government trick.
There are no good jobs. Real unemployment is over 20%.All governments are collapsing under massive debt. Almost 50% of Americans on foodstamps or other government assistance and still no good jobs with all this borrowing of money pumped into the economy.

Obama added 5 trillion more in debt, state and local governments also trillions more in debt, U.S. 17 trillion debt, 125 trillion in unfunded liabilities, massive consumer debt. Any of these liberal media reporters think this won't lead to collapse?


There’s always good paying jobs in NYC for whores, pimps, drug pushers, gang bangers, crooked cops, on-the-take city inspectors, union leaders and city council members. You can easily knock down a minimum of $300,000 per year. If they don’t pay enough, and you want REAL money, just start telling people that you’re a ‘certified’ preacher and get a gig like Rev. Al.


NYC still has it’s mystique to foreign tourists.

That mystique usually dissipates somewhat after they are relieved of a couple thousand dollars and they only have a T-shirt to show for it.

It generates cash for some business, but those on the front-lines of the tourist industry don’t make nearly enough to live in NYC without some other source of income.


My daughter who goes to college in NYC works part time as a greeter ($30.00/hour, it’s sort of a modeling/living mannequin type gig) at the Fifth Avenue Flagship Hollister store in Manhattan says the clientele with money to spend are largely the foreign tourists - often Asians. She is grateful she has the job as she is (mostly) paying her own way through college and works hard so she is thankful for these tourists. The store would be struggling without them.

Let’s hope the Occupiers don’t come back this summer and kill all tourism. Even for those who don’t have much use for NYC - it would be a sad day if it turned into a Detroit or other failed city because it does have a lot to offer.

-- There's so much derp in this. Occupy movement killing tourism? New York on the verge of becoming Detroit? Someone working their way through college on a part time job?


A lot of companies have been downsizing and re-centralizing - cutting, say, 2,000 white collar jobs around the country but moving another 1,000 back to their headquarters in New York and the surrounding areas. It's not surprising New York would actually be getting economically stronger, in spite of the city and state governments' best efforts.
New York will hang on longer than most other cities when the real crisis comes.


NYC has so much to offer - we live upstate in the Hudson River Valley - I wish NY and NYC weren’t so liberal!

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