Monday, March 26, 2012

Police: Zimmerman says Trayvon decked him with one blow then began hammering his head

"This seals it. He WAS defending himself. As his friend said, it was either Zimmerman or Martin. One would live, one would die. Never bring a fist to a gun fight."

This doesn’t seal it.

‘Zimmerman got out of his SUV to follow Trayvon on foot.’

That negates any self defense argument in my book.


But how could such a helpless, young, 6’2” football player have been such a threat to Zimmerman? /s


I don't think the facts, whatever they may be, matter any more. This is now political. The DOJ will assure that Zimmerman is convicted of something. Witnesses and local officials will be gotten to and will either say the right things or be discredited and silenced. Lord Obama has spoken. That's not to say that Zimmerman didn't do something wrong. It simply doesn't matter.


Wow! It looks like all of Black America owes George Zimmerman an APOLOGY!


I’m glad that Zimmerman defended himself from this pot-smoking “black” THUG. He saved the Florida taxpayers a lot of money.


"The evidence will produce the facts, however, the tapes, and Zimmerman ignoring the 911 operator NOT to follow, is going to get Zimmerman a Manslaughter charge at the least. "

You are making things up. The 911 operator suggested not to follow, it was not an order. It is NOT against the law to get out of your vehicle. It is, however, against the law to bash someone's head repeatedly into a sidewalk.


"That negates any self defense argument in my book."

What "book" would that be? Das Kapitol? Mien Kamph?

In MY book: The Declaration and Constitution, it says INNOCENT. UNTIL. PROVEN. GUILTY. BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

And say any thing you want about it, the one thing that IS TRUE: There is more than enough doubt to go around.


Are there any recent photos of Martin posted online?
(Not the young one that Obama said looked like his son, but the bigger, burlier older guy that he really was).


I once followed a group of black teenagers into a Korean dress shop in Manhattan where they promptly surrounded the female cashier in what I stupidly took to be a somewhat suspicious manner. It turned out they were looking for Size 2 Norma Kamali dresses! (That’s sarcasm.)

Do ANY of you freepers live where frightening black teenagers threaten, rape and murder people???


No rush to judgement on either side, please.

We have heard some of the statement from Zimmerman. People are jumping on this to prove self-defense.

Let’s wait for a statement from Martin... oh, that’s right, he’s dead.
So that must mean that Zimmerman’s story is rock-solid truth, right????

So, let’s hold on til the investigation takes its course. Be interesting to discover trajectory of bullet, distance traveled...

The evidence won’t lie. Where’s Horatio Caine and his CSI team when needed????


This “17 year old kid” was 6’2” and a football player at his school from what I read. So don’t let the old pictures of him fool you. Ever wonder why they aren’t showing any recent pictures of him in the media?

He was no small child or innocent angel.


I assume you are refering to the accusation that Zimmerman said the word “coon.” It has also been reported that he said the word “goon.” I realize that this story is spinning out of control in a manner reminiscent of Rodney King but we all (me, too!) need to get our facts straight.

"Zimmerman got out of his SUV to follow Trayvon on foot.

That negates any self defense argument in my book."

Does that mean that you think people should ignore suspicious people and activities?
Our society is so feminized that most men today are afraid to confront s suspicious character and possibly prevent that person from ACTUALLY doing possible harm to someone or someone’s property.

Do nothing. Say nothing. Accept the consequences of letting criminals (etc) have free access to your community and possibly to your family or friends and neighbors.

A simple challenge of a suspicious character could possibly prevent an incident & “if” the person is innocent he would possibly appreciate the fact that there are concerned people who are watching and protecting the neighborhood and its residents.


"Z is calling Tray the ugliest names on a recorded 911 call"

You keep posting that crap......what exactly are those "NAMESs" and note that it is plural, meaning more than once.


Overzealousness isn’t a crime.


all some of us want is to let a grand jury decide,, it can send a message to legislators and criminals alike.. and people in hoodies.

let the process grind it thru its gears.

anyone exploiting the situation to do otherwise should be embarassed.


"Okay, I'm NOT the DA but Stand Your Ground does not mean Move That Ground and pretend you are Barney Fife. Zimmerman was in the wrong neighborhood if he is suspicious of blacks. That complex was very integrated. I'm helping my black neighbor plant flowers next week. Maybe living in an integrated neighborhood gives me a different perspective. I'm well aware of black on black crime tales and if I was black, I'd be watching my back all the time. Black domestic violence is under reported for one thing.
Zimmerman sat on Trayvon's dead body until the cops got there. There's video of that but never mind. Zimmerman had some things going on in his mind that led him to be overzealous. An HOA "guest" is dead. They will be sued. Hope they go bankrupt and some sleazy bank buys the whole complex. I know what HOAs can and cannot do. Shooting people while volunteering is a can't. This is a big civil deal too."

The amount of errors/disinformation/lies/slander in your post is staggering.
WTF are you doing on this particular forum, lost or trolling?


The NYT is reporting Zimmerman as a white hispanic. They are trying to foment a black on white race war by completely ignoring, or covering up, that Zimmerman is half hispanic.

Watch for the next 'newsworthy' incident where a white can be blamed for 'crimes' against a hispanic. it will demonstrate how even with our first post-racial, magical black Pres__ent, we can never overcome just how violent, racist, and evil whitey is.

This also being an election year and zero slipping in the polls. Expect the 'whitey is evil' drumbeat to get louder and louder.

The Reichstag fire will look like amateur hour. My money says it's going to be a long hot summer.


  1. THis is why we need Obamacare, so teabaggers can get the mandatory psychiatric care they need. We also need to psychiatrically regulate the preachers and teachers that create such creatures! And we should put lithium in the water supply.

  2. I love it... with every new story, this kid gets a little taller, a little burlier, a little blacker. In a month it will be Trayvon Martin, 9' 6" 750lb meth-smoking linebacker.