Thursday, March 1, 2012

Political Blogger Breitbart Dead At 43

Didn't he recently say he had the goods on Mr. Obama?


I hate to feel all doom and gloom, but the death of Andrew Breitbart makes me feel so sad. We have lost someone who was fighting for the side of liberty and I can’t stand the news today.Our side needs to catch a break.


Why doesn’t someone like Bill Ayers die suddenly of natural causes? Or George Soros? It seems the wicked prosper while the righteous are struck down.


Face it. He was murdered.


A month after announcing that he has embarassing footage of the Kenyan from his college days and the morning when Sheriff Joe is releasing the results of his investigation of the Kenyan’s eligibilty, Breitbart dies at 43 years of age and his lawyer immediately announces that it was natural causes. How would anyone know if it was natural causes without an autopsy?

Sounds like a seen from 24.


God is welcoming him home.
Rest, finally, in peace-you’ll be missed sorely.

He was “Vince Fostered”; of that, I have no doubt.
Since he was ruthlessly dogged, I’m sure he put “the goods” in safe hands. He was too brilliant NOT to have.


"Why doesn’t someone like Bill Ayers die suddenly of natural causes? Or George Soros?"

It's something about allying with Satan, evil, demons... doing evil with Satan's dark protection.

They will eventually be judged by God and pay the price for the evil deeds they have done in this world.

I am secure in my belief that Andrew is in Heaven as his eternal reward for his good and faithful service.

RIP, Andrew. Another will take up your sword and armor.


"Why doesn’t someone like Bill Ayers die suddenly of natural causes?"

Because none of us has the murderous heart nor the know-how to do up one of those little poisonous tree-frog darts as are found in Kenya and mysteriously, more recently, on Pennsylvania Avenue.

RIP, Andrew. You will not be forgotten. I'm devastated by this news. A major blow to conservativism. It's very suspicious.


ABCNNBCBS would not care if he died and probably wouldn’t report on it if he did..............


These days, nothing is above suspicion, and I would put nothing beyond Obama's army of acolytes and lunatics.


A coronary event at his age absent underlying health issues is extremely rare. Given the powerful people that Breitbart routinely angered, one might be forgiven for being suspicious.


Too bad Pelosi can't croak. We always get screwed. RIP Andrew.


Recently he said he had video of Obama speaking during his college years....outted up in the face of a 43 year old healthy man dies. It is not believable that he died of a rapidly cobbled statement of ‘natural causes’. He had many enemies....most of them associated with obama.


Took a walk on the wild side over at DU...and I’m relieved to see that the vaaast majority of posts are empathetic and gracious. There will always be a few on any public arena but by and large, I observed very civil remarks.


When he had dinner with Satan’s minions I knew his days were numbered. Sad but true.

Anyone challenging Satan in this end game have to watch their back every step of the way.


That happened to a friend of mine. He was a good operator from my SOF days, later on working in a special access program, who just up and died at 42. He knew he had heart problems (the fact of which he would invariably confide in his close friends about), and he lived like any day he might just drop dead. And one day, he did.
Those of us who knew him really well all knew that day was coming, though. I'd imagine people who were really close to Breitbart weren't as shocked as the rest of us are now.


"[in response to the Pelosi death wish]

Don't celebrate the death of your enemy if you don't want them doing the same.
You can take some moral high ground if you don't do the same thing under similar circumstances.

So, when Nancy passes...hold thy tongue and be gracious...unless you want to be like the same vile people over at the KOS."

Being relieved at Pelosi's passing makes me no more like the reptiles on the left than being relieved at Kim Il Sungs passing.
Breitbart was adept at uncovering corruption on the left. What kind of person would celebrate his death?

There is such a thing as good and evil and I will celebrate when evil is diminished and grieve when it is strengthened.


don't you think its time we got a little MORE vile?....I mean how many decades do we go thru getting thrashed by the enemy who uses stronger tactics...
no more mr. nice guy....fight fire with fire....


The ultimate Happy Warrior.

I must admit I had a HUGE crush on Andrew (yes, I’m female). What a mind. What a rapier wit. And he could always go straight to the heart of an issue...unlike all other Republicans who can’t seem to even make a cogent argument over gas prices, let alone Fast n Furious or ACORN.

Greg Gutfeld said something about “assuming he was taking care of his health problems”. There apparently was some pre-existing condition.

I am heartbroken. God bless his family.


Conflicted thoughts here...

He had dinner with Bill Ayers, and Ayers did the cooking.

Now he’s dead??

On the other hand, it happens a lot that young people suddenly die.

People have mentioned heart attacks and brain bleeds...the latter is what a college teacher of mine died from. She was a tennis instructor and an avid horseback rider. She was riding her horse one day and suddenly went limp and fell off to the ground.

A brain bleed.

She was 39 and full of life.

It happens.


The Left-wing cockroaches are scurrying today. On November 6, we break out the ELECTORAL cans of RAID.

-- I only hope I remember to include this in the Best Of post in May.


Note to self: Do not dine with terrorists or other friends of Obama, no matter how hungry.


I must go get ready for work now. I MUST go to work today. I must deny this until I get home.


One of my first thoughts was “why couldn’t it have been George Soros!”.

God forgive me.


jUST HEARD AND i'M IN SHOCK! Breitbart says he's going to vet obama this year and he winds up dead?????


1) I’ll never be convinced he wasn’t murdered.

2) Now we know why the GOP cowards won’t stand up against obama. They’re not willing to die for this country.

3) I sure hope he shared his information with some others who will put it out there. In this day and age it’s almost impossible to destroy all evidence.

4) Sherrif Joe, watch your back and don’t trust any of your deputies.


I feel so like you. I had a much needed day off today and I am sitting here relaxing, planning what to cook for dinner, since I have been working so much and have neglected the family a little bit.

Then this. I truly feel sick. But now I am going to go get dressed and get off the computer and turn off the TV and figure out exactly what I am going to do to honor Andrew.

I will still cook dinner but I feel so much political energy right now and I will honor Andrew and continue the fight to the truth.


"Andrew collapsed last night after leaving a restaurant."

Rope off the restaurant and go over it with a fine tooth comb.


  1. "Why doesn’t someone like Bill Ayers die suddenly of natural causes? Or George Soros?"

    It's something about allying with Satan, evil, demons... doing evil with Satan's dark protection."

    Urge to convert to Satanism.....rising....

    "Andrew collapsed last night after leaving a restaurant."

    Rope off the restaurant and go over it with a fine tooth comb."

    Did anyone else picture that one scene in Spaceballs on the desert planet?

  2. Wait - since when do the Freepers hate ABC News?

    1. Since ABC decided to continue their policy of reporting on news in the real world.

  3. I pity anyone so bereft of inspiration that they have to weep and rend garment over the loss of Andrew Breitbart. The flyover states really need more culture and activities. I'm not sure even they know how bleak their day-to-day lives are without their two minutes hate.