Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ohio Man in KKK outfit arrested for threatening to shoot a black man


Sounds staged


These incidents wuill be “staged” all over the country by Obama Community Organizers. They will dig around to find whatever nutsos they can and taunt them into incidents, or they will make it up from scratch.

Its just the way fascism works:

Read about it:



And White Folk AND Black Folk who remain silent about it will deserve just what they get.


Well, if someone is breaking the law, then let’s enforce the law. The Klan has every right to exist, it doesn’t have the right to break the law.

By the way, the same goes for the Black Panthers in Florida. Except the national and Florida media, which would QUICKLY REPORT if the Klan put out a bounty on the head of someone, has BARELY mentioned the Black Panthers illegal behavior in Florida. (Anderson Cooper a rare exception.)


These KKK yahoos walk down the street acting like jerks, and they’re arrested immediately.

The head of the Black Panther Party puts a reward on Zimmerman’s head, and he has to be arrested on an unrelated charge.

Say what?

Let this be a lesson to you KKK members, just put rewards on your enemies head. That’s now okay.

For the record, KKK members are idiots. So are the leaders of the Black Panthers.


"...and ten New Black Panthers dressed in military Garb down in Florida calling for a million dollar bounty on the head of a hespanic man (an Americqan citizen) is not threatening? Where they are calling for “blood for blood” in what is looking more and more like a straight forward self-defense case?

The hypocracy and selecctive moral outrage is really wearing thin...especially when the Attorney General of the United States refused to prosecute these same New Black Panthers for dressing in military garb and brandishing billy clubs at voting places in 2008 to abjectly initimidfate voters because he, Eric Holder, believes it is his duty to protect his “brothers” from the white man’s law-meaning the US Constitution-which he swore to uphold.

Wearing very thin indeed."

Its time for the KKK to put a bounty on Obamas head?


Check the Klan garb and...

Look for the union label!

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