Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The terrible truth told by Obama's open mic slip

Summary: On Monday, President Obama told Russian President Medvedev that “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.” Medvedev responded that he would dutifully report that tidbit to Vladimir Putin back in the Kremlin. The men apparently did not realize their discussion was being caught by a live microphone.

TREASON, IMHO, by this lousy president...


who is going to put him on trial? no one. that is why he is getting away with anything and everything no one has a spine to stand up for what is or used to be correct.


FReepers - is this not reason to try the man for endangering our personal and national security?


"I refuse to watch the state-run, liberal-left, lame-stream, progressive-communist media. However, I would appreciate if a Freeper who does indulge in Major Network News, to advise me of exactly how the state-run media is reporting this story. Are they spinning it, as usual? Or have they chose to totally ignore the story and its impact on America?

Response 1: Last night our local affiliate touched on it in passing (maybe because the world press is all over the story?). They glossed over it with a tone of light amusement, portraying the incident as just another entertaining moment in the president's day.

Response 2: How’s-bout this: do your own homework. Are your ears too Godly to hear things the rest of us report? if so, keep your head burried, but don’t expect most of us are going to screen your news for you, Mr. Wipe.

Response 3: listen to Limbaugh...he will give it to you straigter than any other so called ‘news’ source.


This is what the mic caught. Makes you wonder what he promised his Saudi king when he bowed down to him. Really makes you wonder that in private he did not promise the Izzlumics that he would hand them America on a silver platter, just continue to back him. That is my bet if I were a betting man. I firmly believe he has one goal, and only ONE GOAL, that is the destruction of this Republic, any way, any how he can. But to do as much damage as possible, so that no one care repair it.


"Can he impose this monstrosity [Obamacare] by executive order?"

Sure, why do you think he's building a private loyal army?

Why hasn't the DOJ shut down the open call for vigilantism? It's a recruiting drive!


“More to ponder when conservatives have to choose if to sit out the election, or hold their noses in November.”

I will vote for an amoeba in order to get 0bama out. This country cannot survive four more years of 0bama.


I imagine that Putin knows more about who Obama is than most Americans. Because little Barry grew up among Communists and KGB agents, and probably continued to keep his connections with them.


"Admit it, it takes the MSM to stir things up before Congress takes action. Richard Nixon would still be with us if not for the determination of the Graham cracker woman (the owner of the WashPost at the time) to oust him."

Exactly correct. Watergate was essentially a media coup.

It is only with the rise of the new media, that the country is able to resist the Progressive agenda.


yep, obamma mamba jamma lenin khomeini is our enemy, it is obvious we have lost a great many freedoms,as we cannot reign in a fake and vile POS we have a country left?

Broke, headed for the cliff and the speed throttle is on full speed..

God help us, in Christ name to be as you call us to be..


"He knew the mike was hot. Another 0 tweak."

Good point. He knows the "leaders" in this country are too spineless to do anything about it.


Has Sarah Palin tweeted about this yet?

--- THIS IS AN ACTUAL COMMENT. I don't know why it made me laugh so hard.


Hopefully, it’s not necessary, but if he somehow steals the election the articles of impeachment should be drawn up the next day.

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