Thursday, March 22, 2012

Marine Faces Dismissal For Anti-Obama Facebook Posts

Summary: A Marine sergeant who started a Facebook group that is openly critical of President Barack Obama and posted comments saying he will not follow the unlawful orders of the commander in chief is facing possible dismissal from the Corps.

I don’t think you can be charged for stating that you will refuse to follow unlawful orders.

There has to be a lot more than that.


This marine has cojones...and his only “crime” is openly expressing what the vast, vast, VAST majority of the Navy, Marines, Army, and Air Force thinks of the Cretin-in-Chief.

Obama is slime.



"If this Marine follows through with his statement, he is in violation of his oath. Officers do not take the same oath. It’s good that he has his own opinion but there’s a time and place to voice it."

His oath is to the Constitution, is it not?


Nowhere in the Oath of Enlistment is there a requirement to follow unlawful orders. I think he worded cleverly. And may God bless him.


As far as I am concerned, Facebook is an ‘electronic concentration camp’.


Can he be in uniform on Facebook? Is he speaking against Obama as a candidate, or against Obama as a CINC giving unlawful orders?

Does Obama get to decide what language is “contemptuous”? Is it contemptuous to note unlawfulness of orders?

My computer is really slow so I haven’t read the full article on this yet, but if this has anything to do with Obama and Panetta seeking xcombat authorization from the UN rather than the Constitutional, lawful requirement of being authorized by CONGRESS, then the issues he’s discussing are not contemptuous but dead earnest and absolutely in line with the officer’s oath he took.


In my opinion, the object of 'social media' in general, and Facebook specifically is to get as many people as possible to voluntarily 'gather' together in the same 'place' and voluntarily reveal their innermost thoughts, as well as their personal information. It is structured so as to lull 'the masses' in to a sense of false security so that they will voluntarily reveal virtually everything about themselves, their families, their friends and their acquaintances.

The information gathered can be used at some time in the future by our totalitarian government to separate those who are guilty of 'double-plus-ungood' thought crimes from those who are 'only' guilty of 'regular' thought crimes.

Thought crime enforcement will be much easier with people literally turning themselves in.



And yes, maybe I DID just get a newer, more powerful tin-foil hat - so what?


God bless this Marine...and let me say it for him....

“obama is a miserable waste of flesh and oxygen”!



If this guy was a lib protesting a conservative, it wouldn’t be considered a problem.


Semper Fi, sargent!! The Moron in chief should not be trusted. The Marine has BALLS to state what most Americans are thinking!!

Defense Department where is HIS RIGHT to FREE SPEECH????


  1. If there was nothing rude said, then I don't see the problem with him having a Facebook page. Just like says, though, if there were rude comments, then that is still the commander, and the military is about order and following rules. It's rigid.

  2. "Defense Department where is HIS RIGHT to FREE SPEECH????"

    He used that right, now he faces the consequences. Turns out shouting "Bomb!" on an airplane isn't the best way to protest the in-flight movie being the remake of Arthur.