Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sheriff Arpaio: Obama birth certificate a ‘forgery’

If Arpaio pushes this thing to the point the MSM can’t ignore it, he had better watch out for a sudden heart attack.


Of course it’s a forgery. His father’s race is listed as “African” 1961 such a listing was should read “Negro”, or “Black”...everyone knows this.

SS# obtained in Connecticut in ‘77, a state Obama had not been college senior passport records...all under seal.

What’s up with this? No way would the media stand for a Republican doing this. Dems always have a different standard.

When are GOP presidential candidates going to ask the appropriate questions?


Of course it is “made-up”...
Problem is finding anyone that cares...

How do you bitch slapp a partially black man and get away with it in America?..

answer; You don’t..


NOTE: really it would make most of the american people look like idiots for electing this grifter.. Which they are.. but have trouble admitting it.. Even republicans want to elect Ted Kennedys and Barney Franks good friend from Massachusetts in 2012.. Obama was an Indonesian citizen for years.. when did he become an american?.. Answer: he didn’t..

True Obamas momma was a bitch what that make Obama a son of?..
Another question that will not get answered for the same reasons..
Obama is the Flavor Flav of American politics.. and few are laughing..


I think he was a bastard. It is questionable weather they were married.


If we continue to sulk up into a corner and worry about things like race riots, and constitutional crises, then we may as well just hand obama the shredded up Constitution and name him as American's first dictator.

Screw a constitutional crisis...we have a criminal in the White House who got there by illegal and unconstitutional means and to me that is at least treason.

With as many crises as the obama administration has created, and capitalized on, why we're worried about one more to throw his ass out is beyond comprehension.

America needs to grow some balls.


Why do you think they Picked McCain in 2008 because every time Obama Birth was brought up they could pull out the whole, “Well McCain wasn’t born on US Soil either”


And the big one he wants everyone to forget: He traveled to the middle east, to countries where US citizens were not permitted to go at the time, in his college days, and he never had a US passport until relatively recently.

On which country's passport did he travel, in other words, what country did he consider himself a citizen of, and therefore deserving the protection of, as a passport gives its citizens?


I wonder if Sheriff Joe will end up like Breitbart? The liberals do whatever it takes to keep the power and the money.


I want to take this opportunity to crow about Vindication.

I have been attacked from all sorts from all directions about my own Hawaiian Birth Documents. They appear in Jerome Corsi’s book with MY specific permission. Corsi has been working with the Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The Sheriff and the cold case posse HAVE MY DOCUMENTATION. I consider this to be a complete VINDICATION of my records. Absolutely complete vindication.

To those who have accused ME of Fraud.... Kiss my A**. I was honest all along and this PROVES it. My documentation is not only real, it is HONESTLY real, and in no way shape or form fraudulent. Nor has any information on it or about it EVER been forged in any way shape or form.



Tons of FReepers are anti-birthers. They hate us birthers with a passion. They are worse than the enemedia when it comes to scathing attacks on us birthers.

And some/all of the moderators are amongst that crowd.

It is what it is. And for now... FR is not allowing this as Breaking News.

At least - for now - FR is not sending entire birther threads down the memory hole.


I wonder if the timing of the death of Breitbart was at all related to the release of this information, because now everyone is morning his loss, and not focused on the videos released which show why the birth certificate is a forgery, as is the selective service card.

Of course, that would mean that someone caused the death of Breitbart with some kind of assassin’s poison that caused heart attack-like symptoms. People have never done anything like that, so that would be impossible...sarc/off.


Folks, remember what Corsi said in the presser, Andrew Breitbart’s LAST INTERVIEW was with HIM and WND!!! ON THIS TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!

Breitbart would have4 been covering this story today! The PRESS, the ALL the press KNOWS IT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was going to release those college videos he talked about at CPAC!!!



...Barack Obama visited the house of Tom and Mary Ayers, parents of former Weather Underground activist turned education professor Bill Ayers, in the mid-1980s to thank the Ayers’ for their support of his education, according to Allen Hulton...


Ayers was a neighbor, and helped Obama obtain the Chicago house.
Ayers claims to be the author of Dream Of My Father...
(admitted that to a female reporter at Chicago airport)

I can not vouch for the voracity of either claim, but I have
no doubt that Obama is a massive fraud, from birth to this day.


  1. "Of course it is “made-up”...
    Problem is finding anyone that cares...

    How do you bitch slapp a partially black man and get away with it in America?..

    answer; You don’t.."

    I like that "bitch" is spelled correctly, but not "slap".

  2. "I want to take this opportunity to crow about Vindication."

    Because if there one man you can trust to identify document forgery, it's the guy who runs the county lockup.