Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Study: young couples not marrying due to fear of divorce

Article's answer: fear of cost/emotional drain of divorce
Freepers' answer: it's those nasty women/liberals/minorities

““Working-class women, in particular, view marriage less favorably than do their male and middle-class counterparts, in part because they see marriage as hard to exit and are reluctant to assume restrictive gender roles,” the researchers wrote.”

restrictive gender roles? are we still in the 50’s?


"That is precisely why Newt is a disaster for President. He has ZERO family values. Sure he might be sorry but he is a dud when it comes to marriage. I don’t like the idea of the First Lady being considered a tramp which is really what she is. People will see what a failure Gingrich is and say the President fails at all his millions of marriages I might too. We need a candidate who is pro-marriage and has a perfect marriage like Santorum, Bachmann, even Perry."

He’s close to his daughters and grandchildren so Newt can’t be as bad as you protrayed him; at least not in the daddy department. In the past, he stinks in the marriage department.

Interesting that he was sexually abused by a teacher in high school; his first wife. That has to be a head trip for a young man.


"A simple pre-nup that says neither will fight an amicable divorce would help, wouldn’t it?"

A pre nup is just getting ready for the divorce before you get married in my book.

If one needs a pre nup one does not need a marriage.


The Gov taking over and making marriage the equivalent of civil union is what is destroying marriage.


So, let’s just screw, have some kids, separate, and there’s less strings? What a turd world we live in!


Well see the problem lies in that they are not [actually married unless they are married in a church]! They are just “shacking up”. Playing house so to speak. Society sinking and gov. destroying marriage.


A few thoughts:

1. 25 and younger: women have the advantage. 30 and older: men have the advantage. Most modern women are blind to this fact.
2. I see a lot of young women who frankly tell me that marriage is a trap and seem to think they can put off marriage indefinitely. They are totally oblivious to the fact that marriage benefits them a lot more then the man. They will wake in their mid-late 30s and realize that they are past their prime. But, of course, its too late by then. If they want a guy at that point, they probably have to go long (e.g., someone at least 15 years their senior).
3. Imagine how high marriage rate would be if women only consented to sex if they were married?

-- Women, this is all of your aging, stuck-up, slutty faults.


Unfortunately that’s what the leftists and liberals want, they want regular men and women not to marry. They’ve made it that way.

On the one end, they’ve told women they don’t need men, or babies or anything like that. You can do it all and you deserve it all. And you can walk away if it doesn’t work and take half his stuff in the process.

They’ve set the “family” courts up to crush men.

At the same time they’ve screwed up regular boys and men by drugging them through school to prevent them from being boys. They have totally focused everything in schools on girls now to the point the boys are suffering academically and nobody gives a sh1t because you can’t have independent, thinking men that might resist what the liberals are doing to them. Get married to a self-centered narcissistic woman who thinks she deserves better than you and it’s a recipe for disaster.


Multiculturalism has designed race cultures and the Hispanic and Black race cultures are not based in Christianity; rather Marxism. That is an ideal of welfare that is amoral.

The marriage rates of Hispanics and Blacks, which they are referring to as ‘working class”, has always been lower than for whites and Asians - what they refer to as the “middle class.”

Hispanics are making a huge mistake to permit the Left to indoctrinate their children into a angry welfare race tribe. They should demand their kids be interacted with, culturally, as the American middle class. That more matches the cultural values and aspirations of Hispanics.


What was wrong with the 50s?

We had exponentially less social ills than we do today.


three words. no fault divorce.
the only mechanism of any American legal system where you can take half someone's stuff and their kids and through no fault of their own and no proof of any wrongdoing.


I tell my daughter to get married, and my son not to.


"why couples don't get married – they fear divorce."

BS. It's all about the welfare payment.
Single mothers shamelessly wear their status as a badge of honor.
They also use it as a way to claim victim-hood.


It would seem that they fear divorce more than they fear God.


You quite literally have better odds playing Russian Roulette.

On the bright side, if you lose at Russian Roulette, it’s over.

A divorce is never quite over as any change in your or her circumstances tears open the scar tissue and restarts the calculations for alimony and child support.

With a spiteful woman, the only thing that needs to change is her acquisitiveness and vengefulness (and sometimes just her lawyer).

Oh, and there’s nothing requiring her to let you know that she boinked everything in sight before saving her virtue for your marriage. That did not happen to me, but I might have decided differently had I known that the time she spent in mental institutions wasn’t always as staff...


I believe we are destroying the actual maternal instinct that was a part of every woman's fabric.

Also, men have been shown that cheating and multiple partners are acceptable to society.

We are just in the early stages. Once gay marriage is weaved into our society, people will see even more casual relationships, group sex, swapping, etc as perfectly acceptable.


The goal is to use America’s own systems to destroy everything good and decent America once stood for.

Divorce court is a rip-roaring success story.


I was 18 and have been married for 22 years, you are correct one does change quite a bit, but there is something to be said for getting married before one is too independent, especially for women.


After reading through some of these replies, I wonder if it’s more a case of women not wanting to marry bitter, whiny, baby-men. Just wondering....

-- Oh snap!


Marriage won’t make any difference in their lives. They are shacked up, making money, working their careers, and enjoying life without children. There are no sex sins any more. God made them male and female so they would increase and multiply but we figured out how to beat that. Sure we did.


To: ought-six
I grew up in the 50’s as well. Though I wouldn’t say it was exactly a paradise, it is surely as close as humans have gotten in a thousand years!


btw...this is an issue we better fix

the lack of marriage in minorities has shown precisely what this produces

a dependent culture of drooges

I blame the Pill....that is where things went astray

We threw consequence out the door and women along with it...pushed them right out the front door of the home


Remember, men age like wine. Women age like milk.


They are not getting married because there is a generation of immoral women and female teens. They hop into bed not even a dinner date is needed. The women are worse than the men these days. And they think nothing of having children at the age of 18 or 19 without being married.


I fully agree; so many women are completely out of control and while it’s fun, the funny part ends after a while. If it’s easy for one man, how many more men will it be easy for and how many men before? Women treat everything like a game and act like these Sex in the City tarts and while it’s funny on television, it’s not funny in real life.


  1. "Remember, men age like wine. Women age like milk."

    Wow, somebody's never been married. Or got rightfully castrated in a divorce.

  2. "What was wrong with the 50s?"


  3. This, by the way, is where the recent War on Women is coming from.

    It is encouraging though to see at least a few comments in the right direction, although do you think they realize the irony that Obama has a "perfect marriage", or does it not count because of black culture's roots in Marxism rather than Christianity?

  4. It says in the constitution that marriage must be between a natural born man and woman. Fartbongo is the illegitimate child of Barry Soetoro, and is therefore not "naturally born" into a marriage. He is therefore ineligible to be in a perfect marriage.


  5. "To: ought-six
    I grew up in the 50’s as well. Though I wouldn’t say it was exactly a paradise, it is surely as close as humans have gotten in a thousand years!"

    This makes me really wonder what was going on around 1050c.e. that makes this fellow consider it a paradise to shame the '50s in freeperville.