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(Vanity) Info that has been omitted from Trayvon Martin Shooting that I would like to know:

I've been trying to avoid this topic as I've done several posts on this, but both the inept OP and the awful racist comments made this thread a priority.

Vanity Post:

My basic question is: What was Trayvon doing in the gated community where he was shot?

Was he cutting through the neighborhood on his way home? He was obviously on foot ... where's the proximity to his house?

Was he on his way to visit friends? Surely, you would have thought one of his friends would have come forward to say he had just spoke to him on his cell phone and he would be over shortly.

Was he on his way to purchase 'weed' or hook up with somebody? (as 90% of his tweets either extoll the virtues of weed or refer to his desire to ####)

Where was he coming from?


He was temporarily living inside that “gated community” either with his father, or his father’s girlfriend — depending on which report you read. He was serving a suspension from school. So basically it appears that he was an unfamiliar face on the street at a time when kids his age are usually in school. This is the kind of thing that arouses suspicion.


What's strange is that a few days after this hit the news, you haven't researched enough to know the answers to your very basic questions; and, you've framed the questions in a way that indicate some bias.
He was headed to his father GF house, in the gated community. It's reported that he died about 100 feet / 100 yards from the dwelling he was staying at.

His girlfriend claims that she was on the phone with him sometime between the time Zimmerman spotted him (Trayvon was aware he was being watched), up to what she claims is the start of the physical altercation. She reports the call ended before any gunshot.


"he was staying in the neighborhood. He was returning from a trip to 7-11 to buy candy."
Exactly whom was he "staying with"? Why did they not notice him missing for 3 days?

Candy? Kandy Kush maybe.


There had been multiple burglaries in the gated community in past months. Four AA youth had already been caught by the Neighborhood Watch group that Z belonged and charged for crimes.

My question. Since burglaries by black youth had been a problem, why would parents allow a young person unfamiliar in the community walk alone? Surely one could drive or accompany him.


Before Trayvon was suspended for the 3rd time (for 10 days) from his school, he lived 3.5 hours away. Because of the most recent suspension, it was the judgement of Trayvon’s mother that Trayvon should stay with his father during this sudden “vacation”.

Trayvon’s father is lucky enough to sponge off of a woman who lives in a gated community (I don’t know the race of that woman, and many freeps will noisily averr that it doesn’t matter).

So Trayvon (who was busted at school for having burglar tools) was in this gated community to stay with his moocher father.

And this was a community that had a sudden number of burglaries, enough to energize a liberal, Democrat-registered Jewish Puerto Rican.

Was Trayvon **responsible** for the burglaries?

I don’t know that, but I would be interested to know if l’il Tray was shon on day 1 of the suspension, or day 10. Because if he had been in the neighborhood for 10 days, then that would be a reasonable amount of time in which to restart his burglary hobby.


Other questions:

1. Where in the project does the father/girlfriend live? Where is the 7/11? What is the proximity, and was it clear Trayvon was just going to and back?

2. If he bought stuff, where’s the record he did so at the 7/11? You would think they would have a sales record. Also security camera should show him buying the stuff.

3. Why didn’t he have any i.d. when he was killed, so he was reported as a “John Doe”? Wouldn’t someone normally have a wallet if they were going to buy something? Wouldn’t that wallet normally have some sort of i.d.?

4. What about that bus driver he supposedly beat up? Has anyone looked for the guy?


-- Then why did he run when he noticed that he was being observed? --
Funny thing about Martin's conduct. He noticed he was being observed, so he stares at Zimmerman (who is in his car/truck/SUV whatever). Then he comes closer, sticks his hand in his waistband. Stares some more. Zimmerman is relating all this over the phone to Sanford PD. Then Martin takes off running, and manages to lose Zimmerman.

-- Why did he then return to confront Zimmerman? --

To administer a beat down. He (Martin) was close to home (100, 200 yards, maybe closer), and could have just gone home, with Zimmerman none the wiser.

-- Why did he then attack Zimmerman? --

You wouldn't understand. It's a "savage" thing. Martin felt dissed or something, and was going to show the little prick who was king of the 'hood.


I have another more pressing question.

If Trayvon had acted with humility and decency and politeness, would he be alive today?

A) If Zimmerman had been rude and racist to him - what are you doing in this neighborhood, you blankety-blank? - and Trayvon had said, “I’m visiting friends/ my father, sir. May I ask who you are?” and then walking to the father’s place and somehow reporting the racist who had verbally accosted him, would he be alive?

b) If Zimmerman had been kind to him but concerned - young man, do you have business in this area? - and Trayvon had answered politely, would he be alive?

In other words, Trayvon’s death is 100% attributed to HIS OWN ACTIONS. Parents, teach your teens to be polite no matter how others treat them. Deal with bad people later. Be polite on the street.


The game started at 7 PM EST—so that would mean halftime—with commercials, timeouts, etc wouldn’t have started until 8 or so.

Saint Skittles was shot around 7:20—that means he was on his way back from the store and almost home, encountering Zimmerman 40-45 min before halftime.



the 3-day story is incorrect, you need to get better information. This rumor has it origins in the fact that the police booked Martin’s body as a John Doe and apparently made zero effort to identify him. So the father had to file a missing person’s report the next morning to find out his son was dead. Like the rumor going around here the other day that Martin was shot at 3am (which is when the police report was FILED) this is the kind of bad info that is easily checked before repeating. Its important to do so because when you blindly repeat untrue rumors it looks like you have an agenda. Let the Libs distort the facts, we need nothing but the truth to win our arguments

I’ve done criminal law, in Chicago no less, and literally defended some of the true scum of the earth (Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, etc) Having worked with real “thugs” in genuine “hoods” you have no idea how ridiculous you sound trying to apply their psychology to this middle-class kid living in a gated community in Florida( AND BTW you badly misunderstand the mind of street-rat. The truth is ‘bangers are by and large utter cowards who ONLY attack when they have numbers on their side, anything close to fair fight and they turn heel until they can gather up their posse and ambush their opponent

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