Monday, March 12, 2012

US Soldier 'Kills 16' Afghans In Their Homes

Summary: "A US soldier has killed 16 Afghan civilians, including nine children, after entering their homes in Kandahar. Sky sources said the Afghan victims also included women and elderly men."

Well, I'd like to know the rest of the story. Young grenadier shooting an M203 HE round into a house where a Terrorist just fled to, full of women and children, would account for such an action.
I refuse to believe, until further proof, that some American soldier just walked in and started killing simply for the sake of killing....however, stranger things have happened, and with the likes of MAJ Hasan, the little fag in the wikileaks case, etc within the ranks, nothing would suprise me.

Methinks the whole story hasn't been told yet, but if this breaks as hard as it is on Fox/CNN as it is on BBC and Sky News as it is out.


After the nationwide rioting and killings motivated by the burning of the terrorist Korans, buckle up for this one.


"It’s Sunday morning. Can we hold off on the moronic comments for a few hours?"

Why? Many among us will today, go to a place where truly moronic, and anti American sentiments will be expressed in the name of worship. Statements here reek of likely truth laced with sarcasm.


He will be allowed to be tried by the Afganis and either stoned to death or beheaded for the world to see the power of Islam, thank you mr president!


Gust a guess lacking anything but speculation...

He snapped and the people involved were honor killers/killers of a local ‘friend’ or other similar person that he had personal knowledge of/involvement. Surprised it has not happened more


Not good enough source, because muslim=liar.

Let's hear from a non-knuckledragger.


They don’t like it when they get a taste of their own medicine I see...


I believe Obama is deliberately bleeding out our troops, money, and ammunition in Afghanistan while at the same time providing the means for both Pakistan and Afghanistan to abandon both their alliance with the US against terror and a Constitution supposedly affirming religious freedom - and instead follow the “Muslim agenda” of full, unapologetic sharia (an agenda Obama told the Egyptian ambassador he supports, as he was and still is a Muslim).

As you say, this could be the press misrepresenting a battle scenario. Or it could be Obama himself planting somebody there with orders to do something like this to further enrage the Afghanistanis - to help cover the fact that Obama’s apologies did NOT stop the violence in Afghanistan and to serve the “Muslim agenda” in the way mentioned in the previous paragraph.

I really, really hope that people in the military leadership - if there are any who are still faithful to their oaths to protect this country and its Constitution - will seriously consider that the enemies DOMESTIC are the most dangerous ones, and particularly since both communism and Islamism (America’s 2 greatest enemies) have said their tactic will be to degrade our system FROM WITHIN.


How many Afghan citizens are murdered every week by the Taliban? Let’s see what the reaction of the Afghan people at this time.

If they riot and attack us for vengeance, if one of our military members is killed in vengeance,

I will say what I have not EVER said, “Get them all out,” because, if we are attacked in vengeance than in all justice the native Afghanistan people who riot should be rioting and avenging those murdered by the Taliban.

Period. If they avenge these people against our military, then they do not respect our just laws and consider us the enemy but do not consider the Taliban the enemy when they kill their own.


There has to be more to the story. This guys was an E-6 and it is unlikely that he would just “go off” like that for no reason.


Can someone tell me why we’re there?


You know I bet most who think we should be over there haven’t spent a minute in uniform.


Time to pull out of both Iraq and Trashcanistan. Take back everything that we can and blow up everything we cant. If these pigs want to wallow in their own filth,let them. They dont deserve our brave service men and women.

Most Muslims are little more than the apes the Left say we descendant from.


Don't be surprised if obama uses this as a trigger event for immediate withdrawal.
Now I personally think we should have left years ago, that said. obama and the administration will use this or a trio of events like this, including the koran burning to bug out.

He will have us leave in shame, apologizing all the way home while he quietly rejoices at destroying America's military.


There’s no point in our being there any longer. There’s no point in another American soldier being killed or wounded there. Nothing we do (or refrain from doing) at this point is going to “save” the Afghans from a fate they seem to -want-. Nothing we do is going to turn them from Islam.

We -might- have “turned them” from Islam, but it would have involved actions that would have been perceived on the world stage as totalitarian, draconian, and unacceptable. We weren’t willing to do that, so the results we are seeing are the predictable product of an ill-conceived mission.

There’s no logical reason to waste our blood and our time and treasure there any more. Let the Afghans rot in a mess of their own making.

That’s my opinion only.
I realize yours may be different.


"No, they are human beings and God’s children as much as you or I. Let’s not ascribe negative stereotypes across a religion that has nearly 2 billion members, most of whom are peaceful. We cannot come to any positive resolution by comparing our best to their worst. These countries are as backwards as they come. The Devil delights in these conflicts and he’s the only winner."

Sharia law is peaceful? Most Muslim's desire this calling of an oppressive political/religious system. Does God want His children living in chains? Tell me, why do you support oppression? Islam is peaceful, LOL!!!

God's children hear His voice, not satan's and lucifer is in every ear of a devote Muslim.

Also what stereotypes? Pick up a history book, read their "abomination" of a so-called holy book, look at their prophet's deeds, go to "moderate along with peaceful" Saudi Arabia with Cross on and Bible in hand and see what happens, peaceful my behind.


Libs are having an orgasm over this.


"How do we know it was an American soldier?

Because the Afghans say so? Muslims lie as soon as their lips are moving."

I tend to agree with you. I have to tell you all that the current administration has cut American troops, and placed contrators on our bases. There are “contractors” from Uganda doing the base security on some of the bases...and contractors from all over the world.

What would it take for a good muslim from Africa to sacrifice himself in an effort to smear the American military and advance the cause of Islam? This act will get more Americans killed than an IED will, these days.

We missed this one. This is a terrorist act


Fort Hood was conducted by an “American Soldier”. I believe this type of infiltrate also conducted this mass murder.


"Let’s not confuse people, things and ideas. Islam is an idea, the Koran is a thing and Muslims are people. I can accept your belief that Islam is devilish, but not the individual Muslims themselves.

Let me show you how I conclude that. There are about 2 billion Muslims worldwide. Assuming that 1/2 are too young or too old to be violent Jihadis that leaves 1 billion potential violent Muslims.

1% of 1 billion is 10 million jihadis. So 99.5% of all Muslims aren’t massively dangerous or even terrorists. That’s a lot of terrorism and it just isn’t happening at that scale worldwide.

Is Islam dangerous and destructive? I believe it is. As an idea Islam appears incompatible with liberty as understood in the West and particularly American Liberty. That said, moderating Islam is the only wise course to take. You do that by engaging Islamic countries in as free trade as possible and move them out of the middle-ages into the 21st century. Civilization is very civilizing."

You can’t moderate Islam. It’s been tried before...and it’s lost every time. That was basically what Bush was attempting to do in Afghanistan, and as long as it was advantageous and safer for Karzai to appear “moderate,” he did so. But that means we have to be there every moment of the day, keeping them “moderate” only because they’re scared of us.

As soon as it became obvious that they had nothing to be scared of, they went right back to their old Islamic ways, and there is absolutely nothing that is going to change that. Islam is vicious and violent at its core, and unless it is completely suppressed, it will burst forth again.

We should never have allowed either Iraq or Afghanistan to enshrine Islam in their constitutions. We blew our chance to make a serious change there (which, again, Muslims will do only when they’re scared of a more powerful force) and to throw away more American lives trying to create “moderate” Islam out of a fanatical, irrational, 7th-century Arab-supremacy cult is shameful.

We should simply have leveled Mecca, destroyed the black rock and set these people free from the Satanic evil that is behind Islam.


"You know what, though I do not condone the killing of other people, if this soldier did what they say he did, he's only doing what many of us would probably like to do but can't.
Our military has sacrificed blood and lives, and all these muslims can do is get upset when a book is burned? What kind of gratitude is that?

I believe this soldier realizes that muslims can't be trusted, none of them, and he acted out in the only way he knew to do.

What do the rest of you think?"

I pray to God that most Americans would not “like” to kill anyone, but especially not children!

But, then again, we do kill millions in the womb, don’t we?

There is no excuse for what this person did. And if he did indeed murder sleeping old people, women and children in their beds...he should get the firing squad. Quick and simple. What he did was abhorrent and he has endangered the lives of Americans all over the world....which I believe was his purpose.


"...Nine children or nine young adult males?..."

Exactly. The media can't be trusted.

In the recent Rush/Fluke brouhaha the referred to Ms. Fluke as "young girl" and "young student". She's 30.


at this point, bring all our people home...massive mistake to stay there....our decent young people don’t deserve to be put in such horrible conditions....


When Obooga is tried for treason and sentenced to life in prison, then I’ll believe the government’s version of events in this case.


  1. So let me get this straight. The soldier was actually a Muslim infiltrator, and also this is all Obooga's fault?

  2. Exactly. Or he's a good old American boy and we don't know the full story.

  3. Waitaminute, I'm supposed to be afraid of communists as well as muslims? Am I even allowed to make wild accusations of communism unless I'm wearing a bowler hat? This whole attempt to return to the fifties has some unanticipated side effects.

  4. He's a good old American boy, and he killed the next 16 Osama Bin Ladens in their sleep. If only us libs loved America that much...

  5. "You know I bet most who think we should be over there haven’t spent a minute in uniform."

    They're called Republicans.

  6. Well, they think she's a beard, Jackson.