Friday, March 16, 2012

Sandra Fluke’s Recreational Sex Partner (Barf Alert)

Main post: In case you’re wondering who is helping Sandra Fluke run up the allegedly unaffordable birth control bills she demands other people pay, there’s no need to wait for her amen corner in the “mainstream” media to look into it. The Graph has the answer: adam_mutterperl

The name is Adam Mutterperl, of the zillionaire moonbat Mutterperl clan. Some background:

The Mutterperl family, via Adam’s great grandfather Sol’s handbag fortune, established the “Mutterperl Scholarship Endowment Fund” in 1951 for Brandeis University. This school, as some people call it, is named for Louis Brandeis, a secular Jew, Zionist, and United States Supreme Court Justice appointed by Woodrow Wilson. Brandeis was a self-proclaimed socialist. Herbert Marcuse, the famous Frankfurt School Marxist, came to Brandeis in 1954, three years after the Mutterperl fund was created. Brandeis University is one of the nation’s leading petri dishes for anti-American and neo-Marxist thought.

It figures Adam would hit it off with Ms. Fluke. I wonder if she lets him call her “cutie pants”:

Just when I thought the Sandra Fluke spectacle could not possibly get any more pathetic.

On a tip from Ghost of FA Hayek.


First we were told she was a 23-year-old student. Then it was revealed she was actually a 30-year-old radical leftwing activist. Is it just me or does she really look more like a 40-year-old frump?


"As long as she and her fellow N.A.G.s do not have any children while Conservatives have them I think long-term we’re going to be just fine."

In principle, yes. As long as the Conservative parents don't turn their children over to the brain-washers at the Government School Institutes - without proper training and protection. And they also need to guard their exposure to the atheistic and marxist pollutants that exudes out of their television sets.
Tough job for parents nowadays. Many predators out there trying to get at their children.




"Maybe I’m missing it, but why is this pertinent to the discussion?"

You are not missing it.

Nothing democrats do are pertinent to the discussion.

All the same just as with Miss Fluke’s mum, I would like to see Mr. Mutterperl’s mum come out and say that “she is proud her son is sleeping with...with...that woman”

Don’t hold your breath.


That dress is definitely a fashion no-no for this woman.


In general, I am not a fan of denigrating someone b/c of who they are vacationing/sleeping with.

Snookie excepted.


There comes a point in every woman's life, when her boobs are no longer governed by "anti-gravity" and no longer have to be held down lest their perkiness cause them to fly off into space.

Instead, they become content to sit in place and more or less point forward.

Some time after that, "gravity" takes over and effort is required to keep them up lest they drop to the waist.

Under no circumstances should that sort of "wrap-over-the-boobs" dress be worn by a woman who is no longer in the first category. Dear Sandra has moved into category two. If not three.


"This is the kind of woman beer-goggles were invented for."

Look at those arms, and the hands, are you sure she is a woman?


Mutterperl before swine?

Normally the name is Perlmutter. Did someone switch it at immigration or can’t they just spell properly?

What do you get when you mix a Fluke with a Mutterperl? - Two parasites instead of one.

If Fluke wants a 3 year supply of contraceptives, and she is attending law school, when does she have time to study?

This is a match made in Hell.


If she traded that DRESS in for a SOLID BLUE DRESS and wore it for the purpose in which a past BLUE DRESS was worn, she wouldn’t have to worry about birth control. But, she would probably start screaming for free knee pads and bibs.

I know I've been hitting the Fluke thing a lot, but it has been the subject of many a discussion over there, and I think it proves my theory that if Clinton had beat Obama in the primary and went on to become president, the meme would go "But don't call them sexist!"


  1. So she's both slutty and frumpy, and also both slutty but her knees are sharp.

    I think she's a nice-looking lady myself :3

  2. I think that this is once again Moochelle Obama Syndrome. There's a surprising number of women on FR and a lot of them get Mean Girls-y about liberal ladies, nit-picking their flaws until their "hideousness" become part of the narrative. One Freeper, a stay-at-home mom, pointed out how Fluke's hands look large in this picture, and even though it's clearly camera angle and her hands look totally normal in the Facebook picture, a lot of people were talking about her "mannish hands" in this post.