Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rush: “I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke”; Update: Ironic tweet of the day

In which we see what dittoheads say when Rush goes back on something they've already, well, ditto'd.

Rush betrayed us. He lost me today. I’ve listened and been informed since 1991. Rush was by far our most influential advocate, until now. Today, we lost the election, and the country.

Very, very disappointed.


Et tu, Rush?
I feel like I've been stabbed in the heart by my best friend. Didn't think I'd ever see the Day Rush would loose his spine. Listener from 1990.


BS I would have doubled down. Time for a second act in life if my distributor gave me crap. Satellite radio would pay him $300 Million a year.
I would double down. Monday I would call her a gutter slut and pay up to half million for nude photos and $1 million for a sex tape. Of course I would then market the tape for big money. Hey, you know there is more than one, after all, she is a slut!


"I knew it was an error. My hope was that he would back-track"
It's people like you who empower the enemy.


Tell me. about. it. And considering this woman is a complete fraud, NOT a student, NOT 23 years old but a 30 years old radical leftist baffles me even more why he is sinking this low. WTF is going on here anyway? Did we suddenly move into a parallel universe where things are slightly askew? Ann Coulter endorsing Romney? Ted Nugent “The NUGE” endorsing Romney? WHAT? What’s next, Mark Levin demanding his listeners vote for Nancy Pelosi?


What conservatives should do is CALL RUSH’s show this coming Monday BY HUGE NUMBERS AND SHOW HIM THEIR SUPPORT.




If she personally spent $3000 on contraceptives (the Pill plus condoms — and what ever happened to expecting the guy to pay for his part?) during a two or three year period in law school, she’d have gotten laid often enough to qualify as a slut. She likely did not do so herself (her manner suggests she’s a lesbian, who needs no contraception), but is likely only sympathizing with others who are sluts.


Rush apologized to not be a distraction for the elections. Was he right to say what he did, yes. Is this girl a slut, well that’s a matter of opinion because to liberals her life style is normal. This goes to show there is selective free speech in America. Liberals can say anything, even wish death upon someone, and it’s considered free speech. Conservatives, on the other hand, can only say certain things or else be accused of hate speech.


I love Rush but I hate that he said this. He has made the controversy about him instead of the real issue which is the erosion of our freedoms.


Remember this: George Washington lost many a battle (through strategy or otherwise)..until he won the war. The Congress, his generals, the citizens were against him and wanted him removed from command, until the war turned in America's favor.
After all is said and done, I will not abandon Rush Limbaugh. I WILL contact those sponsors listed, and give them hell. We're at war, and we're here to fight. This is not the time to abandon a fellow warrior, if history is any indication...just ask George.


I have been reading on Facebook. The left is painting all his advertisers as woman haters. They really are insane. This wasn’t an attack on all women. It was an insult to ONE woman. I feel hopeless for this country sometimes.


“1984” was supposed to be a WARNING, not an operations manual.!


"To all you supposed Christians out there. What would Jesus have done?"

Why “supposed Christians”? Jesus clearly told the men stoning the woman caught in adultery not to condemn her unless they were free from sin themselves. However, he told her to sin no more, meaning he did not condone the behavior. It is not hypocritical to condemn Fluke’s behavior, or even label it for what it is. It it would be wrong for a Christian to personally judge.

"I agree with what you say but my point is Rush called her a slut (which I agree she is, by the way) but name calling is just as sinful as what Ms. Fluke did and will most likely continue to do. The right thing to do is apologize for the personal assault. This doesn’t in any way ignore the behavior, just forgiving the sinner."

The difference is that the Fluke woman labeled herself first, scandalously and publicly in front of congress, and seemed smug and proud of it. The woman caught in adultery did nothing of the kind. So we are comparing apples to oranges, the two scenarios don’t really fit logically.

Jesus had no problem publicly calling out and condemning the pharisees when their words and actions were clearly in need of forthright condemnation. He cried Woe upon them!! This is much closer to the situation we have here - it is the calling out of truth - the word slut is a definition of a woman who engages in promiscuous activity.

See the difference? Rush was right to tell the truth; it is much closer to Jesus righteous anger at wrongdoers. He yelled at the sellers and buyers in the temple - calling them a den of thieves.


Rush was the main voice that ridiculed the left, and kept the pansy-assed Republicans from straying into pansy-assed territory. Today, he surrendered his left and right testicle, plus at lest three inches of what was left. Now he is forever neutered. The left has proven that he can be bought, can be checked, can be neutralized.

The winners are the evil left, and the Republican elite. Permission has been given to nominal Republican candidates to tack hard left, since they no longer have to worry about Rush, or any other voice from the right.

We are screwed. The country is screwed.

Do you get it now?


  1. "Liberals can say anything, even wish death upon someone, and it’s considered free speech. Conservatives, on the other hand, can only say certain things or else be accused of hate speech."

    Those were surveyor's marks!

  2. "Conservatives, on the other hand, can only say certain things or else be accused of hate speech."

    Probably because demanding the exportation or mass execution of entire religious or ethnic groups is hate speech. Just a thought.