Monday, March 26, 2012

Did God Establish Obama's Presidency?

"...Romans says all rulers are established by God. So what does established mean and was Obama, "established by God"? My opinion is established may literally mean, "allowed to happen", or, "didn't prevent it from happening". I have a hard time as a Christian believing a deceiving, white man hating dictator would be put in place by God."

No, it was Allah.


No, it was a combination of idiot voters and so called conservatives who stayed home to allow an 0bama presidency.
God believes in free will.


IMO because abortion has been and continues to be legal and homosexuality and other assorted perversions are being pushed to become legal God has temporarily removed His hand from our country. He is letting us fend for ourselves for the time being.


From what I've read in the Bible, God allows for his chosen people to endure terrible rulers when we choose to turn away from Him.
When the ruler screws up, it is the people who suffer God's wrath.

Compared to some of the leaders the Israelites endured, as well as the immense suffering they experienced as a result of ungodly leadership, we're getting off easy.

That being said... I sincerely fear God's fair and equitable judgment against those who choose to turn away from Him.


Using that interpretation Hitler, that Achmadinijad(sp?), and the Taliban were all put into place by God... I don’t think there’s any way to argue that’s the case. If it were the case, there would be little point in polls or voting, since the winner of an election would be picked by God either way.

If I’ve said something heretical I apologize, but a little common sense has to be applied to some things. Man, and the things men do,are often completely independent of what God wants them to do - else events like the Flood would never have been necessary.


In recent months, with the help of our pastor, I have come to realize that there is a diferrence between God’s permissive will and his directed will. He will let us do “things our own way” if we want (hence the “free will” comment above) and sometimes there is just a lesson in it when he “allows” us something. Then there is “clearly not His will”, like Zero. I fear, like Reynauldus Maximus said, “...the first step into a thousand years of darkness...” has been taken and there really is just no way back now.

Unless we can “kick New York and California out” we are sort of “stuck on stupid”. Even people who seem to “get it” are whining about “My Medicare” or “My Social Security”. Like the bell, there really just isn’t a way to “unring” it.


No. God allows people to make choices and live with the consequences. The timing was right for a devil like Obama. Look at our cultural decline. Look at our corruption and immorality that we now LAUGH at. Look at how others ENVY what others have. Look at how people have become self absorbed, haughty and greedy. It's clear to me that in Obama, many liked the idea of “spreading the wealth around”. Many do’t want to work for it. Many defend homosexuality. It all goes together. The majority of people elected someone like them.
Yes, there is now voters remorse, but it's too late. Hopefully in November we will make Obama a lame duck President and try to roll back at least some of the damage. Not all can be corrected. Obama’s Supreme Court Justice picks are EVIL. One is certainly a lesbian. Again, people defend homosexuality and humanism.


God is in control and there is no plan “B”. We get the rulers we deserve. Just as the Jew got the rulers they asked for, we too are smug in our piety and can “see” why we are being punished. Try 50 million dead babies! Try more and more states with homosexual marriage. Try the removal of even the mention of God from polite society. Try no prayer in school, fornication and adultery at record rates, divorce, churches failing, pastors fornicating with the church members, priests fornicating with alter boys, apostate teaching from the pulpits, ......well, I could go on, but you get the idea. We are but filthy rags in His sight, but we still go into the sunlight with heads held high


This is the end of an age. The Bible says that God allows things to get bad so we will return to Him. The sages lose their wisdom, the judges take bribes, but soon justice will return (think Carter, then restoration with Reagan, then the ABSCAM scandal). The wheels of justice turn slowly but grind exceedingly fine.
The counter-reaction will bring someone to your liking soon enough.

Haven't you figured out yet that God chooses all the cast members for this story.

Be patient- The wheel is turning. The thrill is gone.....


"Is this the same god that inflicks terrible illness and unimaginable suffering on newborn babies each day? Allows a small child to endure horrible abuses at the hands of a hateful parent, rape and molestation by a friend or relative? Free will has nothing to do with a newborn being stricken with a horrible illness and a painful death.”

Actually, it does indeed.

Newborns suffering, horrible illnesses and painful deaths are all the result of sin.

When you sin, you ask for evil to continue in the world. Every time.

Have you sinned today? I believe I know you did. You accused God of evil.

So you sin, you endorse evil in the world, and you blame God for it. That is very wicked.

We are the ones, as a people, who brought sin and its consequences into the world.

God is the one who destroys sin and delivers us from its grasp. What did Jesus do on the cross? He defeated sin and death. So we might be delivered from the odious mess we created.

You are fighting the wrong enemy.

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  1. So god gave everyone free will, but we all have to do exactly as he says?