Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pro-life 'October Baby' rejected by major studios, blitzes box office

For some reason, I find the phrase "blitzes box office" to be confusing, since "bombing" means failing. Here, "blitzing" means that the film is doing very well.

The plot is apparently about a young woman who collapses and, while getting a slew of medical tests, finds out that she was the fetus in a failed abortion attempt, and then her mother gave her up for adoption.

Hollyweird is going to find that with the way entertainment is delivered these days, they are irrelevant. With Netflix, On Demand, Roku I don’t need to rely on these toads to see a movie that interests me and disregard their Left wing crap. I am sure there are millions of other doing the same thing. I can’t wait till all the theaters in the country are turned into Olive Gardens and independent movie producers overtake the big studios.


"The film almost didn't see the light of day."

As well as the protagonist in the movie. She almost didn't see the light of day, either.

This movie will not be shown at the White House. Well! Maybe in 2013.


You know... it's just a shame that a half-white, half-arab mulatto who was trained in socialism and Marxism was elected President and has done such a bad job, and claims to be 'black'. If I were 'black' (and I have been for short periods of time), I would be ashamed of the 'white Negro'.
Couldn't the black part of America's populace find someone better?

Heck, I voted for Herman Cain.


The movie is fantastic and not, “Preachy.” My Lovely felt like it was the best movie she has ever seen.

It moved me as much or more (in different ways) than Act of Valor which I also hugely recommend.


My husband and I saw this movie Sat. night with friends. Our local paper (leftist) had given it a sour review, but we found the movie to be terrific and give it 4 thumbs up.

The movie is about the survivor of an attempted abortion who finds out that she is adopted, an abortion survivor, and had a twin brother who did not survive — all in one accidental disclosure. Rather than being a downer, the rest of the movie is how this angry teen is treated with love, respect, and kindness by parents, peers, and strangers as she seeks her birth mother and seeks to discovedr who she really is. There are many twists and turns in the plot, but it is well done. And, there are no steamy sex scenes and no bad language. This is family fare, as long as the kids (teen and above) already know about abortion.

It is the antithesis of The Hunger Game where the teens are forced to kill each other.


m Critics like:
Excessive Violence, Graphic Violence, Graphic Sex, Foul Language, Nudity, poor plots...

So this film probably has very little of that!

Two very low budget movies I liked were: Bella and The Mighty Macs. Neither of those flicks had much of anything objectionable, though there was one scene in Mighty Macs I found hard to believe.

The worst of Bella was the waitress being fired for being late the 3rd time.

Compare that with your typical bloody/sexy/foul mouthed Hollywood film of today


  1. "I can’t wait till all the theaters in the country are turned into Olive Gardens and independent movie producers overtake the big studios."

    Really, Olive Gardens? I would have thought conservatives would have chosen Cracker Barrel. Or Longhorn Steakhouse. Or Country Kitchen Buffet. None of this socialist Italian garbage.

  2. Good point, Anon. They actually hate Olive Garden because it's working with Michelle Obama to lower its calorie count and it wouldn't let an 80-year-old woman hang an American flag up last October (realizing I never hit up that story, maybe I will today), but still, one wonders why they didn't use a more "conservative" chain. Maybe that's just how much they hate Hollywood.

  3. "If I were 'black' (and I have been for short periods of time). . ."

    Um, wha. . .?

    1. This was exactly my reaction.