Monday, March 26, 2012

"Red Families, Blue Families": Book looks at family disconnect

Article from 2008: link here

We are already seeing the benefit of the divergent practices. It doesn't matter what the candidate says he believes, if it's Massachusetts, or New Jersey, or the areas in Northern Virginia where Northeast coast people have moved in, the fact the "Red State" folks have their babies and the "Blue State" folks kill them results in Republican wins!
This does take a bit of time since the surviving "Red State" babies do have to grow up and start voting.

I'd say that the difference in the degree of biological survival is going to drive the "Blue State" people right off the political stage in a couple of decades.


how in the hell, did the RATS ever get to take Blue as their color???
we've been blue since the army of the Republic!!! it's time to take it back and give commie red back to the commie RATS.


Take the minority democrat voters out of the red states and take the conservatives out of the blue states and put them where they belong. Then let me know how those statistics come out.


"I have lived years in both the south and the northeast, one preparing for life and the other preparing my children for life.

I will say culturally the two have different ideas of success for children. One of which is that in the north college is considered more important, and my college friends had their share of abortions. They delayed marriage until later and had less kids. A libs idea of a successful life.

In the south, the parents were not tied so strongly to the idea of college, although I will say the ones that went were incredibly successful at it - they are at MIT and such. They were much more likely to be happy their children had a successful business in the trades, and the goal was not personal success as much as being able to support a family.

I will say down here I’ve see a lot of girls just being trashy while living at home, and having babies and living off the government. It’s a lot cheaper to live down here, you can get by like that. Up north you better have your act together, or you can’t even pay your taxes, let alone buy a house.

I’d like to see this correlated with income. I’m wondering if the conservatives in this case have less income."

Those parents are quite wise down there. They know they can’t live vicariously through their children like many of the NE (pardon me) snobs do.

If fact.....above someone mentioned condescending.....I think this book was written by a couple of female snob professors who really don’t know about real life!


"higher teen pregnancy rates,"

Because most lib teens kill their unborn through abortion.

"more shotgun marriages"

More people of honor means more people trying to do the honorable thing rather than the man disappear into the night, leaving his girl to get an abortion (see above).

"marry earlier and have higher divorce rates"

A direct outfall of the above honorable people trying to do the honorable thing. Meanwhile, liberal couples live together, make kids and never get married. Where is the study showing the blue staters having bastard children in greater numbers when you look at adult unmarried pregnancy and not just teen pregnancy?

Just another study that found data to fit a foregone conclusion.


"how in the hell, did the RATS ever get to take Blue as their color???"

They knew damn well that red would match their communist activism and that would not do. I originally was upset that they intentionally avoided giving liberals the communist color they deserved to wear, but I am now VERY good with conservatives having red and liberals having blue.

Red blood transports life-giving oxygen to the body, as conservatives bring life to the body politic. Blue oxygen-depleted blood returns empty and serves no purpose and is dependent on oxygen rich red blood for every cycle it makes. Liberals are the oxygen-depleted blood of the body politic, that are good for nothing until conservatism enriches them for a purpose.

Yes, I am very good with conservatives being symbolized by the rich red oxygenated life-giving blood, while liberals are symbolized by the blue oxygen-depleted blood that only brings death if it is not doon enriched.


Interesting how they also point out that “blue families” are better-educated and more affluent. Like for someone to be a conservative they must be a dunce working a minimum-wage job. So I guess having strong religious beliefs that do not include killing your unborn children (or grandchildren) must be indicative of a poorly educated person.

Frankly, it cracks me up that the Dems are always griping that the Republicans are the party of the rich - but then they turn around and publish all these studies that say that libs are smarter and wealthier than we are. Can you really have it both ways?


Yow, the Red Family says. JUNIOR...YOU´RE GOING TO GET TO THE TOP.
THE Blue Family says. Junior. Threaten lawsuits, gov´t quotas, racism, and count on ACORN to be there to make sure you get your share.


“and the sexual freedom that allows women to fully participate in society”

That right there is why we have legal abortion. Women decided that they needed the “right” to f*ck like bunny rabbits without being “punished with a baby.”


And the “red” families encourage their kids to join the military, police, and fire departments, protecting the “blue” faimily kids who are busy doing drugs while in college studying women’s issues and environmental science.


All pregnancy statistics should include the number of pregnancies that did not come to term either because of health issues or because of induced abortion. Our infant mortality rates (50+ million babies dead from abortion since 1973) are shockingly high.


RED Families tell their children; decide what you want to become and go do it, you cannot be stopped with hard work, determination, and perseveriance.
Blue Families tell their children, not to worry, everyone gets an equal share of the pie; The result is equal poverty for all!


As a Political Science major in college a number of years ago, we were taught that socio-economic status (SES) largely determined party identification.

I no longer think this is the case. I think the more religious a family is and the more often they attend religious services, more often than not, is a better indication of that family’s political leanings.

I think it was Whittaker Chambers who once characterized the struggle best as a battle between those who place their faith in God versus those who place their faith in man.


In the beginning, the party that held the White House was assigned "blue."
The challenging party was assigned "red."

After 2000, the Philistines took over and misunderstood that red was republican and blue was rat.

The rapid decline in the public's "smarts" is resulting in a new Dark Age.


"Those who have embraced the blue family model have low divorce rates, relatively few teen births, and good incomes."

Don't feed me this bs, I know better. I see it ever day.

The Blue families are the ones coming thur my check out line at my 2nd job.

They have 4 kids in tow, his 3rd wife has a black eye today. Hubby uses the Food Stamps card to buy the groceries, then whips out the wallet and dished out $50 bucks to pay for his smokes, his booze and his daily lottery tickets.

When the kids ask for a $.15 sucker, he screams no at them. then they leave.

All the while this "man" is smirking at us thinking "those poor dumb bastards are workin' the cash register instead of workin' the system.


  1. Freepers literally think that more teen pregnancy and shotgun weddings ARE A GOOD THING.

  2. "... the kids ask for a $.15 sucker,..."

    Apparently this fantasy is taking place in the 70s.

  3. Do they think that everyone has abortions? Really? Like as a constant thing?

    I really don't get why they think liberal people LIKE abortions. No one LIKES abortions.

    1. You're joking, right? I'm the libbiest lib who ever libbed and I LOVE abortions. I usually get one once a week, and afterwards I reward myself with a mani/pedi (paid for by the government, of course). I also want the government to pay for my birth control because I'm such a slut, but then I won't use it so I can have more abortions, because I LOVE abortions. Then I'll go back to doing drugs, which I love almost as much as I love abortions, and studying silly and unnecessary stuff, like environmental science or women's studies. I know, those areas of study are total jokes, because all us libs just want to do is save the environment, so why bother studying it? We just want to lock it away and make sure us icky humans don't touch it. And us libby libs don't really need to care about women's issues either, because the only important women's issue is abortion, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE abortion. Especially government-paid abortion, which constitutes 95% of all abortions.

    2. False. The government actually pays for 115% of all abortions

    3. I"m a male, and even I try to get an abortion at least once a month! We libs have quotas to fill, y'know.

  4. I love the guy who thinks that oxygen depleted blood is actually blue.