Friday, March 9, 2012

Liberals are mentally ill

This is a vanity post, written by a freeper.

Here is the post itself:

Was arguing with some of them on a certain site (that I won't say) and they were telling me with dead seriousness that Obama will get reelected with 300 electoral votes. I believe this will be a close 50% vote election for whoever wins.

Even worse, these nutcases were actually going so far as to claim Obama is a centrist (!) and the Republican candidates are all extreme right wing fascist fanatics. All my efforts to explain that they're not anything but meek centrists were in vain.

Frankly, I'm bored as you-know-what about the whole thing and I really don't care who the Republican guy is that runs in the fall. Romney, Santorum, Gingrich. Doesn't matter. I'll vote for any of them if it gets rid of the Kenyan Klown.


They think they are the center of the universe, so naturally they think of themselves as "centrists."
Wherever they are is the center, don't you know?


Clinton didnt get 50%...

Obama could NEVER get 50% unless He Cheated...and He will.


Liberals are not focused on reality. They are in a fantacy world.

They’re not normal.


Don’t waste your time. These people worship him as a god. He can do no wrong. If he was to say “I am a muslim and I want to destroy this nation” their response would be “He didn’t mean it” or “The republicans made him say that” or “That’s a fake video tape.”

Or you might get a blank stare. That’s what I got the last time I spoke with a relative who worships obama. I made a point that he couldn’t respond to. I knew right then that he had volunteered to be brainwashed.


Due to the State sponsored racism of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, and overall thuggish behavior of this administration, I feel the term “Klan with a tan” is good description of the Obama/Holder regime.


Yeah, they live in their liberal bubble and they won’t hear anything that contradicts the message they’ve been fed by trophallaxis. I was talking to a cousin of mine, who is a lib judge from the East Coast, at a family gathering, and the topic turned to politics. When they started talking about Romney, I tried to explain why most conservatives won’t vote for Romney, and she interrupted me mid-sentence, before I could state the reason and said “Because he’s a Mormon!”.

I just gave her a cold look that said “Shut it, you idiot”, and said “No, it’s because he’s a liberal. Most conservatives don’t see much difference between him and Obama.” She looked as if I had just told her the moon was made of cheese.


Liberals are based in fantasy and emotion and conservatives are based in reason and logic. All the reason and logic in the world won’t draw liberals out of their safe, cozy emotional fantasies...only the school of hard knocks does that, and lots of times that doesn’t work either.

If I must associate with liberals at work or family gatherings, I steer clear of politics. My energy is too important to waste it on a pointless exercise. Even if you win on the facts and the argument, they will devolve things into personal attacks or a public tantrum.

I have already seen a couple of liberals becoming unhinged at the mere possibility of an Obama loss. This is going to be the ugliest of ugly elections.


As usual, they continue to believe this fantasy that the GOP is so far and extreme right wing that moderates are going to be alienated by them. Because as we all know, the Republican candidate field is the epitome of right wing extremism *sarcasm*.

I of course acknowledge that it’s a very real possibility Obama gets reelected, but it wouldn’t even conceivably be like the 1972 or ‘84-ish landslide some of these kooks think.


The key question to ask them: If they are centrists, what would a far left radical try to do, that they are not doing?

I really am curious about what they would come up with for an answer.


You basically summarized my theory that liberalism actually causes brain damage. I am NOT joking. They are permanently incapable of recognizing truth or using logic on certain ideas and concepts. The proof lies in the hypothetical that you outlined. If Obama sat down with these people individually and told them he was scamming the American people and that the ideas liberals are selling are all nothing but diabolical deceptions they still would NOT believe it. They would think Obama has been coerced into saying these things or that he had sold out to radical republicans. They would invent some fantasy to fit what they are hearing into their permanently distorted version of reality. There is no hope for 99% of them. Liberalism has damaged the logic/language center of their brains. They will go to their graves never seeing the truth.

This is also the reason that it's a total waste of time to try to convince those that have been damaged by liberalism. Only one out of a hundred or so ever comes out of the fog but when they do it's just something that happens randomly. Usually some event triggers their brain that causes them to see truth and reality clearly and they wonder how in the world they ever believed the lies.


I’ve heard stuff like “Oh well, he bailed out insurance companies instead of have single payer health care” and “He’s done nothing to undermine the capitalist system. He’s therefore a capitalist.”

1. Obama and the far left wing of the DNC (Pelosi and all of them) wanted SPHC, but the Tea Party and nervous moderate Democrats prevented it
2. He’s done plenty against the capitalist system, but apparently they think you can’t be a leftist unless you’re waving a red flag and humming the Internationale


Do not argue and debate with left wing liberals. These fools have no logic and they do not speak the truth. They cannot be reasoned with. The best way to deal with them is to ridicule them.
Yes left wing liberalism is a mental decease because only people with psychological problems would passionately advocate stupid ideas and then do the opposite in real life because the stupid ideas that they are advocating are against human nature and hence they cannot abide by the foolishness they preach. For example all left wing liberals advocate higher taxes in the name of common goods but the SOB's try every possible way under the sun to pay less taxes.


"They cannot be reasoned with. The best way to deal with them is to ridicule them."

I can think of better ways to deal with libs, but folks want to put you in jail for it. Strange, but true.


  1. Projection, thy name is Free Republic.

  2. I bet all those long speechless moments from the 'liberals' were less that they didn't have any responses to the statements being made to them, and more "What the fuck did I just hear?" stunned silences.

    I mean, what would YOU do when confronted with a real life Freeper spouting their bullshit? I'd probably sit there and gape at them too.

  3. This may be the single most ironic thing on the site. Maybe.

    I love the repeated assertions that liberals don't understand things like "logic" and "facts".

  4. "The proof lies in the hypothetical that you outlined."

    That about sums it up. The proof always lies in the thing I made up in my head.

  5. Projection, now with a few new words and concepts I picked up from arguing with retarded people.oops, I mean libtarded peoples gotta be pc.

    spehllchek is four pussys

  6. "I just gave her a cold look that said “Shut it, you idiot”, and said “No, it’s because he’s a liberal. "

    Internet Tough Conservative?