Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Awkward Obama moment during toast to Queen

Article from ABCNews

Summary: Obama toasts the Queen while 'God Save The Queen' starts playing.

I actually thought the worst part was the very very large frown on his face. If he had smiled at his mistake, put his glass down and acted with polite respect (yes, respect—its what politicians and diplomats do when they are at the HOMES OF ALLIES!) no one would have thought much about it. Instead he looks enraged. Does he not have a chief of protocol who tells him how these things go? Where was his teleprompter?


TOTUS did not acccompany the brilliant first buffoon

Who had to take note cards to read a toast

The problem with notecards is the assumption the person holding them can read

Not to worry, the liberal establishment is still over-awed by a black person who is clean and mostly, articulate, with appropriate support


You can’t buy class—it’s as simple as that. This person has no class—and worse yet, he doesn’t know it.


I am certain that “O” was secretly congratulating himself on having a staff SO cool that they provided a neat ‘God Save the Queen’ background effect for HIS toast to the Queen.

He was probably hoping that the rest of the room noticed how cool it was, too!!!

* mark at :40 seconds - TO THE QUEEN - then she says something to him - and he realizes what a DUMB A$$ he is -— What an IDIOT!!! How embarrassing...I guess all those socialist professors never taught him what protocol is - that is means to stand and pay respect when a country’s NATIONAL ANTHEM is playing....WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE IMPEACH OBAMA!!!

Mark - Thanks for posting this - this needs to stay at the TOP all day!!!!

---Talking over music is AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!


I thought it was a Gerorge Jefferson-like grin..he almost looked liek Jack Nicholson as The Riddler in the Batman films..

---I don't even know what to tell you, kid.


Camilla was enjoying being the prettiest girl at table!


Yes, it was very uncomfortable to watch. Camilla was sitting there stone-faced. I like Camilla and felt sorry for her that she had to sit next to him. Who else could have handled it as well as she did.


As an American tax payer who pays BIG bucks to make sure my govt can hold it’s head up with dignity on the international stage, this is gross negligence...


"Anybody catch what the Queen said to him to get him clued in?"

"Barry, we were kind enough to supply you your hideous 'crack' cocaine, and your gay lovers. Could you have please just NOT used any of the drug prior to this affair?"


Hey, he can’t focus on jobs right now. His number one task was getting Osama and now that’s been accomplished, he’s got to draw up a new list.

And near the top of that list is visiting the poor people of America’s heartland who suffered tornado damage this week. He’ll be rushing back after the weekend just because this means so much to him...

--- This is pretty clearly supposed to be sarcastic but I have no idea why.


"Somebody tell me why he did not drink the toast as did the Queen. It looked like an insult to me. The Queen lifted her glass to her lips and he set his glass down on the table."

Maybe Obama didn’t drink the wine because Muslims don’t drink alcohol.


Yeah, but Obama KEPT TALKING through the music.
I just watched it. That was CRINGEWORTHY!!! During the NATIONAL ANTHEM (or royal anthem) you DO NOT SPEAK. You don't even do that HERE in this, the country he pretends to be a citizen of!!!!

And worst, or most hilarious, is at the end of the little haughty Shakespeare toast, when Obama STILL ATTEMPTS TO RAISE HIS GLASS TO THE QUEEN!!!!!! She looks at him as if he had 3 green heads. Then he realizes NO ONE ELSE is holding their glass or even paying any attention to him. You see the look on his face as if he suddenly found himself in his underwear. I have not seen ANYTHING more embarrassing. In fact, this should be the video entry to the dictionary on line for "EMBARRASSMENT."


  1. Much like the patriots they proudly take their name from, the new American Tea Party is committed to defending the honor of the British Crown.

    Seriously, what?

  2. What does TOTUS mean?

  3. Their utter hatred, if not so worrisome, is actually really laughable. Had Obama I dunno saved a puppy from a rabid pack of wolves they'd decry him for denying nature what is nature's. If he personally stopped all the tornados with his super powers they'd complain that he wasn't careful enough and didn't act presidential. Theres no end to their contempt.

  4. I watched a few seconds of this, I had the TV on with the sound muted. I saw the Queen pull out her notecard with her prepared remarks. And in that second I KNEW what freepers were going to say. If Obama had his remarks on a card, they'd say how stupid he is for having to read from a card, if he didn't they'd say he insulted the Queen by NOT having a card like she did. And in either case, a teleprompter joke would be made.
    Oh, and I like the comment about not drinking alcohol because he's Muslim… after he downed a pint of Guiness in Ireland. Must be that non-alcoholic Guiness.
    Maybe it comes with a free bar towel.

  5. Bowing to a king: outrage!
    NOT bowing to a queen: OUTRAGE!

  6. TOTUS = Teleprompter Of The United States. This passes as subtle with in Freeperville.