Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"The Smart Money Says Palin Won't Run In 2012"

The article from The Guardian

It’s all a bunch of wishful thinking and nonsense by liberals and GOP hacks who have NO understanding of Governor Palin’s character, strength, and motivations.


With so many out of work, people are actually paid to write articles like this? Amazing!


Sarah told me she is going to declare in November.


If she's planning it, she is playing it smart. She's standing in the wings watching the prospects fall like birds in a windmill farm.

Watching her on interviews and speeches, she seems to know as much about the Consitition, foreign policy, and such as any of the other candidates, and she is far ahead of all of them on ENERGY...which is a very, big deal to Americans.

I believe she will be an up-front, honest, and hard working president and will have no fear of her enemies, foreign or domestic.

I don't know that if there is anything to it, but if that is her plan, it's pretty smart.


"Sarah told me she is going to declare in November."

Sarah told me it will be August 12th, 2011. Maybe she changed her mind. In any event, she will crush the competition. She has more energy and spunk that most who are running, or thinking of running.


I have been saying after Summer... One more Alaskan Summer with Willow, Piper, and Trig, before the Secret Service has to take them to school and their lives are forever changed. One last chance at normality for her beloved family....

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