Friday, May 27, 2011

"Spotlight Takes Toll on First Lady's Staff"

Article from Politco

Summary: Michelle Obama has switched her social secretary and her chief of staff 3 times since becoming first lady, which Politoc attributes to her being under more pressure as the first black First Lady and the first post-boomer First Lady.

She’s an elitist jet-setting hypocrite....just like the asshole picnic organizer she married.


Here’s the truth: Mrs. Obama is like her husband - she has no sense of humor, and thinks she’s the smartest person in the room.

Three chiefs of staff in three years? That’s got nothing to do with being a First Lady who’s under a media microscope(the media adores her); she’s getting this type of turnover because she’s a witch to work for.


...or... maybe she is just a selfish, doubting, unkind woman. Like my gut tells me she is.


Just look at her, she’s a nasty, miserable, elitist, biatch.


“Sources familiar with the East Wing, who asked not to be named”

Wookie bites can be very nasty.


Since when does the first lady have a ‘staff’?

“She is, if possible, under more scrutiny than even other modern first ladies, being the first African-American first lady,”

...nope. Wrong! She’s under more “scrutiny” because she’s the 1st f’n communist 1st...whatever. Being black has nothing to do with it! Mentioning the black thing sure does make the rest of us want to shut up though huh? ~sarc

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  1. "Since when does the first lady have a ‘staff’?"
    Unless this was supposed to be some sort of veiled penis joke, the First Lady's had a staff since pretty much forever.
    In the 19th Century, First Ladies often brought in relatives to help with correspondence and planning, in exchange for living free at the White House. Can you imagine the freep uproar if Michelle (oops sorry, I meant MOOOOCHELLE) brought in a bunch of relatives to live for free at the White House?

    The year 2009 marks a full thirty years since the federal government by Congressional designation has routinely made public appropriations for a professional staff for a "president's spouse" on the condition and premise that the staff aides the spouse in providing support to the president in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the modern chief executive.