Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Obama Is Just Not That Into You

American Thinker article here

“He dislikes most of the American people and our culture, a fact that was apparent early on.”



I would say some of the reason he's like this is, he has come by everything in his life so easily. With little to no work on his part. He had his college paid for. An Ivy League college at that. He became Senator Obama with very little effort. Got a large expensive nice house, which would appear they couldn't afford, with much help from a criminal. And then became President after only a 1.5 years as Senator, no experience and just voting almost always present(virtually no work). He has an entitlement mentality.


What’s wrong with her reasoning here is that it’s not dealing with the cause. The cause is not Obama’s hatred of us or his narcissism, which are certainly real; it’s the plan behind him that uses him as a can opener.

The New World Order found their ideal candidate - an unknown nobody with the further protection of semi-black skin - and proceeded to erase what was left of his past to use him to put an end to America and make it a world state. He might as well be a Frankenstein put together with old body parts from graves.

We’re not up against Obama; we’re up against the world.


Sometimes when BHO looks at the telepromter he get's this self satisfied smile as if he is seeing his reflection on the shiny surface. You know, I would have enjoyed having a beer with Bill Clinton, might even go to church and Sunday dinner with Jimmy Carter if I ever had a chance to, but I'd rather spend a day with John Kerry than an hour with Barry. What a jerk!


"Why? Why does Obama turn his nose up on everyone else?"

From childhood on he was taught hate and disdain for anything and anybody American. He is as thoroughly a narcissistic Marxist as an one can be.


In the neighborhood where I grew up, and this is by no means unique, it was populated by all kinds of working class people raising their families and more or less, dealing with the same issues and financial problems.

They were NOT wealthy but worked hard and saved. Nothing was new but it was ALL clean, tidy and well kept.

The kids (Irish, Italian, Polish, Black, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Serbian, etc.) were typical and observed a kind of hierarchy among themselves. I think this is typical in the US.

Bear with me here.

I know for a fact that NO smart a%$-snotty BS was tolerated from ANY kid (regardless of his sports prowess or whether he was in or out of that ‘hierarchy’).

Anyone who handed out ‘lip’ or had a ‘cocky’ attitude, was quickly ‘tuned-up’. If the jerk kept it up, he earned himself a reputation which he could never shake, (I know these guys today-still arrogant, snotty and disliked) and in the end, they would be excluded, altogether.

“O” was never involved with the American character at ANY level….. not growing up or NOW. Either that or else, he is the kid everyone else rejected. I think it is the former.


Without reading the article, it has been apparent to me for years now, that bo is a hateful anti-american. He is without a doubt the most dangerous enemy this country has ever faced, bar none.

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