Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Request: The 2008 Election (Part 2)

Wanted to hit this topic up again, requested by Jeff.

These are from a thread called "McCain Concedes, Right Now On Fox News"

By the way, if you are interested in seeing what Freepers and other voters on the right thought of the 2008 election, I highly recommend the documentary Right America, Feeling Wronged. It's a really great doc by Alexandra Pelosi, a filmmaker for whom I have a ton of respect and the daughter of Senator Nancy Pelosi. It follows McCain supporters on the trail and records their views and concerns.

On with the show:

Welcome to the North American Socialist Republic.


Well. America finally has it’s first Marxist Muslim president. We made “history.” Congratulations!


Real Clear Politics shows many states that were called are still close with lots more votes to count. So he concedes before the polls are closed or before Virginia’s absentee ballots are counted? I don’t understand.


Moochers and Looters Nation.

Hide you money...give Hussein and his hordes nothing.


"The booing is classless."

The booing is great....hope to see more!


We’ve been duped. All the signs of a political coup


Buy guns, ammo. They will come for us. Don’t think for a moment their attitude toward the unborn is restricted to the unborn. I promise, when they come for my guns, I will not go down without a fight.


are these based on exit polls or actual votes? what about election fraud, acorn? wth is going on? did mccain really win washington state? i went to get some thing to eat, come back and we have lost? by how much? why is mccain conceding if not all the votes have been counted? is sarah going to go rogue and say we are still fighting? shocked.....


My husband is litarly pulling me away from the computer abd T.V . room. I’m sobbing for our country! How could this happen?!!!!


When the commies took over the schools and the MSM the dye was cast

McCain was not the cause

American voters want socialism

They ain’t gonna like what is comin but it will be too late

2006 was the next to the last nail 2008 was the final one

We will never again have a free election

I had hope but alas I should have known better

And here i thought when the USSR came down I was going to spend my final years relaxing


A Silent Coup...

Conceding is unpatriotic and an insult to we the people of the United States whose votes will never be counted.

Resistance begins.


Because of some serious health issues, my husband is in the hospital this evening. He said there is major celebrations going on right now . . . guess what the race of the majority of the staff is? I would love to be able to get all of their names, then contact them in one year & see how much they are celebrating.

These idiots just don’t know what they did to our country


I never dreamed anyone worse than the Clintons would be in the Whitehouse.


MSM is left wing

Papers are left wing

Talk radio is going to be shut down

The Internet is going to be controlled

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Obama be declared Emperor by the democrat congress ala Hitler and Caesar

And the muslims are still plotting our ruin

When the electorate wakes up and sees Big Brother in action they are going to have to live with the mental anguish of knowing the voted their freedom away


McCain was not my candidate but I voted for him. I am really sad for my country. The sham 0bama has convinced enough people that he cares (emotion alert) about the downtrodden, cares about the oppressed (those poor in this country who don't have cell phones), cares about those who haven't had the advantages from which he has benefited( wow, elitist alert). Tonight I pray only those who supported this manque leader are the ones who will suffer under his reign. I pray that God shields us, those who honor Him, from all the evil that descends on our beloved country. This man is a snake in the grass. I feel badly for those who trust him because they are the ones who will be most devastated when he takes advantage if his position. I feel badly for the Jews who support him for he will forsake the state of Israel and the Jews be left saying ‘WHAT?’. I am exhausted. I listened to Tammy Bruce earlier in the week. She used to be a far Leftist and President of NOW in LA. She said that the tactics of the left are to use our decency against us. Take advantage of us and then walk away having received what they wanted. That's what has happened. I feel badly for Sarah Palin. She was a real shot in the arm for Conservatives. McCain must not ave really wanted to be President. He gave up too fast. No challenging the voter fraud of ACORN. No challenging the felons voting in Florida. The Left with the Blacks population in the USA have won a battle but hopefully not the war. A good friend (Black Evangelical) told me that some Blacks will not be satisfied until Blacks oppress Whites. This time is coming. As I said before, I hope only those who voted for this charlatan are the ones hurt by him. We tried to do well by our country but his rhetoric was hypnotizing to the weak. Lord please protect us, your faithful servants, from this plague which we are facing. Jim Robinson, please keep our contact info private. We have already seen how far this man will go to punish those who cross him.


(Just pray they don’t touch the constitution. Pray that no SCOTUS justice croaks the next 4 years. )

Ha..we are officially screwed and by none other than OUR OWN PARTY! Thanks John and George.


"But, life goes on; this is not the end of the world, nor America. America is strong, and conservatism will be back."

It took years for the commies to take over the schools and the media and they DON"T relinquish control

NO Nation in history has ever comeback once down the slippery slope--look at Europe especially England


Check that. 52% of Americans want Big Brother. The rest of us are looking for a new Civil War.


Most Republican leaders today would have fit right in with the Democrat Party of three decades ago.

What I find ironic is the hero of the left JFK, would be considered a right wing nut if he was around today.


They will not get me and I will FIght for what is good and right in this country!

[Followed by, honest to God, a picture of Mel Gibson from the patriot]


Michelle Obama as first lady is going to make Hillary’s tenure in that position a class act by comparison.

I really, really loathe to say this, but I think we’d have been much better off losing to Hillary. Of course the Clintons were always in it for themselves, but - deep down - I believe they did not harbor an inner hatred for America that I sense the Obamas possess.

The country is in great danger.



Obama will screw up this country so badly that hopefully it will NEVER elect another DemocRAT much less a black DemocRAT! The question of another free election is a different matter. I doubt there will be another election.


  1. "Obama will screw up this country so badly that hopefully it will NEVER elect another DemocRAT much less a black DemocRAT! "

    It's not about race though, they are just Taxed Enough Already

  2. Wow. The sad thing is how prevalent these are and how easy they are to find. At least I would guess. But just wow.

  3. It's actually interesting to see a time before "omg socialism", when accusing someone of being a communist was the most damning insult possible.

  4. I think the wingnut talking about the coming is way off base and ... OH SHIAT! OMAR COMIN'!!!!

    // Tried signing in via google and the thing just flaps around like a retard in a ball pit ...

  5. the coming *"black oppression"

    // F'ing syntax, how does it work?!?