Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Obama Administration Ready To Ditch The Food Pyramid"

Article from CBS here

Summary: Obama Administration will replace the 20 year old food pyramid.

Where da lobsta?
2 lobsta a day sounds about right, with a side dish of ice cream - make that 2 scoop


"Thanks to the voters who put obama in og=ffice, thereby giving the environmentalists an opportunity top implement and further their agenda, the United States of America is about to change the food pyramid. It will be replaced by the starvation pyramid."

Obama wants to replace the food pyramid with a real pyramid, and American slaves can build it as a tribute to him. If we get uppity, we can make bricks without straw.


The shape of the pyramid resembles Michelle.


People are making snide comments, and such about this, yet no one has addressed the real sinister idea behind this. To us, it seems as something stupid and a waste of time. To the leftist, this is very important.

They are replacing something that symbolizes the past with something that signifies the change in the world order. This new symbol won’t be better, in fact it looks to be more confusing. The big thing is that it is different and it is theirs.


The only reason the Federal Government has a say in any of this is because it is paying for some peoples healthcare.

The Federal Government should not be paying for anyone (other than the military’s) healthcare.


I want the damn Obamas to adhere to their new dietary guidelines, then. Fat ****ing chance of that! Probably no lobster or Wagyu burgers on it.


um.... Michelle you might want to put down the twinkie before you start telling us what to do!!!


I seriously have never met a happy Vegan. The ones that I know are MISERABLE. They have bad attitudes, look unhealthy and just rotten personalities. Maybe you are what you eat. Cheesecake makes me VERY, VERY happy.

--- Portia de Rossi frowns on your shenanigans.


Here’s the real pyramid. We are working and slaving at the bottom to pay for the silly elites at the top who dictate what we get to eat.


Vegetarians apparently do not know how to add - or build pyramids to their specs

Veggie group at 3-5 servings
Fruit group at 2-4 servings
Combined = 5-9 servings of both groups

But yet they have the carb portion of the pyramid in the middle at 6-11 servings.

6-to-11 servings is more than 5-to-9 servings

Their pyramid is wrong according to their math :>)

--- I can't tell if this guy is being tongue-in-cheek, or if he actually thinks vegetarians don't eat grains.


"They tackle nothing truly significant or meaningful (thankfully)"

Believe that at the peril of our future and the country. Think back 20-30 years when we mocked PC speak and ideas as something goofy and inconsequential. Now, our country is at risk daily, and US service members are killed, all in the name of Political Correctness.

There's also this picture, which I don't want to automatically subject you to.


  1. Well, that's probably for the best.

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