Sunday, May 22, 2011

"College Students Sign Phony Petition to Ban Conservatives From Radio"

Video from Breitbart.

Our Libtard Education system has been quite successful at their agenda to churn out a generation ignorant of the true meaning of LIBERTY!


“College Students Sign Phony Petition to Ban Conservatives From Radio”

They are all brain washed. I know. I’ve worked at colleges and universities since ‘89. Liberals rule on campus!!


Those who have been “brain washed” or observed what they perceive to be such have no clue to the reality of the who what when where and why of what is happening around them. Most just want sex.

It is quite possible that the ability to convince one mind that another mind can be molded into a desired form is in and of itself the “brain wash”.

These things get deep. Deeper than most college kids following a pack mentality shall ever comprehend. This is in fact purpose... Culling those with ability and desire for use in maintenance of the civilization is the single goal.

It is a necessary sorting process that defines a prosperous people able to identify those worthy of position from those who populate a Mexico or Pakistan.

It is not a pretty thing, just a needful thing.


Those students are a Marcusian jungle of parasitical collectivists and envious altruists


  1. Just got a 3 hour vacation from Fark for singing your praises! Good luck with the blog. F*ck Fark. Long live Free Impact!!!!

  2. Wow, really?

    I appreciate the support, but I hope no one gets banned for more than a few hours over this. I don't think the mods made their decision lightly, and I highly doubt they'd overturn it. Wouldn't be surprised if a few followed me here.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy yourself here. Feel free to post anything you want during your vacay ;)

  3. Different anonymous here: yes, a thread on the Fark Politics tab completely blew up when they heard that you had gotten the banhammer. The mods had to take it offline, scrub 50+ posts and there are still folks posting coded messages about it. My guess is that quite a few accounts are probably now shadowbanned over there right now, but they won't realize it.

    I honestly can't understand the logic. Bevets derails every single evolution thread with the same damn copypasta and nothing happens. A host of trolls infest the Politics tab and turn every thread into the same stupid flamewar and that's A-ok. You actually brought some funny into the site and zip- you're gone forever.

  4. I've had several posts deleted from FARK for mentioning you.

  5. You know what other site "shadowbans" accounts that make even passing glancing remarks supporting a member or ideology that the mods don't agree with?

    Also, the right wing troll(?) brigade is out and being accepted by the mod staff at Fark in full force. You know what other political party purged their semi-rational members to go full derp?

    ... yea, I was a multi-year long lurker on Fark about to make an account there, but now I'm probably not going to. Besides, I'd probably get banned for my political views anyways, seeing what's going on there as of right now.

  6. That thread inspired me to finally get up and update DexeTroll to work with Fark's recent redesign. The notes on version 1.1 link here. You contributed more to Fark than most, ma'am.

  7. But yea, keep on fighting the sane fight. (I'm the anon from the post before last.) I recommend also making a tumblr of your posts -- I partly get the feeling that community will respect and take action from your findings more than most blogging sites.

    You were one of my favorite members on Fark. It really sucks that the powers that be there view psychopathy in the name of profit as more important than logic in the name of not promoting psychopathy.

  8. Great to see you still posting, even if you aren't at Fark anymore. I might stop going there as well, no place that nurtures trolls the way it does deserves my un-Adblocked eyes.

    Keep on keeping on.

  9. You're much more charitable to the Fark mod squad than I would be. A tip o the hat to you, Liberal Elitist.

  10. Don't know how you guys are only just noticing this, certain mods have been on an absolute power trip lately. My posts get deleted within minutes if there's like a single off-topic word in them, or if heaven forbid I point out that someone's name is synonymous with Internet Troll.

    Anyway your blog continues to not suck, keep up the good work

  11. Yet another anonymous supporter. It seems like Fark is OK with vicious, hateful, racist trolling (check any 'birther' thread), but not OK with someone posting (with attribution) a summary of what the extreme right is writing for themselves. Sadly, if you removed the attribution and just posted that vile tripe as your own thoughts, you'd get sponsored for TotalFark.

    It's more than a little obvious that Drew's personal politics are being used to try to 'shape' the discussion over there via selective enforcement.

  12. all my drunken posts from last night mentioning your banning were scrubbed...even the pic of the RINO dong. i'm not banned yet, but I will be soon.

  13. Same anon here as the one who posted before platedlizard (I should make an account here, haha):

    I don't think this so much has to do with Drew's personal politics as I do his personal pockets: people who point out the lunacy of the far right scare "the 25%" (I'm sure you know who I'm talking about here) away. While I'm not sure how much of "the 25%" knows what an internet is, it's still a revenue hit. The Troll Brigade, however, brings tons of page clicks, = tons of revenue.

    I also wouldn't be surprised if there were a very high up modmin who personally espouses right wing sociopathy who's been champing at the bit to Free Republic style purge everyone who disagrees with him, though.

    In other words, I think it's about money. The best way to protest is, as mentioned before, cancel TF and get an adblocker. I mean, surely the right wing would complain about free market solutions to this injustice, correct?

    oh who am I kidding

  14. I leave Fark for a few days, and look what happens. Guess drew feels arguing and protecting the crappy, unimaginative trolls is where it's at. I never have had posts disappear into the ether until the last couple of weeks. I'll be here checking up on what the loonies have to say via this 'ol blog right here. Thanks for doing what you do, it's fun and informative.
    Seriously, planet earth is getting weirder in ways I'd never contemplated.
    See you girrl. I'll be visiting.