Friday, May 20, 2011

"Tenn. Senate OKs ban on teaching of homosexuality"

Article from the AP

"Opponents deride the measure as the "don't say gay bill." They say it's unfair to the children of gay parents and could lead to more bullying."

Cry me a river.

If they are truly homosexual, how would they be parents?


What is it with killing babies and homosexuality that the left is so obsessed with?

Oh, yeah, like every other policy of theirs, these are both anti-family.


does this also ban schools from teaching that being a f*g is a sin?


But would teachers give objective answers to student questions?

For example, the gay “party line” is that people are born homosexual. Would a teacher say this is a fact? Many researchers say that we just don’t know what causes homosexuality. I just wonder what a teacher would say about the subject. Objectively the teacher should say that we don’t know why some people end up gay. Realistically, the pressure groups which want homosexuality taught in schools would also pressure that it be discussed in certain ways.


Homosexuals don’t reproduce,

they recruit... YOUR kids.


That’s great, but, IMHO, homeschool anyway.

Public schools are a cesspool of immorality and anarchist revolution, mixed in with disrespecting all adults, mostly your parents, voting left-wing and being anti-work and pro-dole.

It’s just a matter of to what degree.

I used to think TV in the 1970’s was reasonably ok, but looking back, I realize it was just getting immorality’s foot in the door very subtlely.


States need to challenge the SCOTUS’s usurpation of power in Lawrence by recriminalizing homosexual practices.

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