Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Civil Rights Activist and Liberal Talk Show Host Openly Hope For Revolution"

Video from The Blaze

Be careful what you wish for. This guy obviously hasn’t figured out that when the revolution happens civil rights activists and members of the media will be two of the first groups placed up against the wall.


"Last thing you want is an overthrow of 100 yrs of progressive rule and 60 of libtard policy...I for one would not mind a reset of government back to 1911"

Personally I would like to go as far back as 1860, before socialists began creating the public education debacle.


How do you want or have a revolution in the wealthiest, freest, most egalitarian, most prosperous and open society on earth!

What the F & % $ is there left to demand or oppose?

Unless you call open, trumped-up and race baiting contempt ‘revolution’!!!!!!


Actually, we’ve already had a revolution in this country. Slow, carefully planned, quiet ... nobody even noticed it. 46% of people don’t even pay taxes, 14 Trillion dollar debt, socialized medicine to control the populace. It already happened without a shot. And it was a “liberal” revolution ... so these guys have already had their revolution. Now it’s time to do something about it (if we still can).


You wouldn’t know that American minorities have enjoyed and directly benefited from 30 + years of affirmative action!!

I remember one thing (if nothing else) growing up in our not-so-sheltered neighborhood.

Whenever anyone got ‘hurt’ or was whining about being ‘hurt’, they could expect the cold-blooded and intimidating retort:

“Git up... you ain’t hurt!!”

You could have a broken arm or broken toy… and you’d get the same advice. My brother and I still hand this line to one another on occasion.

NO whining was tolerated…. And I am sick to death of THEIRS!!


They should be careful what they wish for. And I hope they get it while I’m still young enough to help give them their wish.


“People of color” exploit themsevles and each other.

I don’t hear any white people telling white people they can’t make it without “people of color” money or “people of color” giving them something.

“People of color” traded being slaves in the 1860’s for being slaves to propaganda that says they are too stupid, ignorant, and incapable of doing well for themselves.


I think that once we decontaminate academia we will have decent public schools (or at least fix them so they work!)Our challenge will be seeing to it that CWII ends much better than CWI

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  1. But we're the racist ones for pointing out their racism. Lovin' it.