Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Ex-GOP State Senator To Announce Pro-Gay Marriage Group"

Article here

Summary: In Iowa, a former Republican State Senator is building an advocacy group for gay marriage, arguing it is aligned with conservative values.

Hell’s fires await you sodomite accomodator.


Iowa Republicans for Moral Bondage.
No conservative defends or promotes this wickedness.

But this is an indicator that very, very many people define conservatism as being merely an economic thing.

A nation with free enterprise (or capitalism), free trade, minimal taxation, pro-business and pro-growth policies, will still fail and decline and be tossed on the trash heap of history, if it repudiates its Biblical-Christian, traditional and moral heritage.

While the nation declines, many people will say, “Oh, the problem must still be economic, what more can we do to have more business and trade opportunities?”

1. Open borders, where the invaders are not seeking to live consistent with America's Christian heritage;
2. the murder of the unborn;
3. the tolerance of sodomy, the sodomite agenda, and the parading of degenerates naked in our streets before our children;
4. drugs, and the devilish youth culture that drugs and the accompanying sex-promoting music has been producing for a full generation.

and a short list of other anti-God, anti-family, anti-Christian trends (Gangs are a symptom of these things), . . . .

. . . these things will all take down America, while mere economic conservatives, including libertarians, stand around as say, . . . “But, but, but, we had free enterprise, low taxes, pro-business, open trade, etc., etc., etc. . . WHAT HAPPENED????”

Blind as bats flying in backward, they are.


"So Jeff Angelo is a turd burglar. I guess it’s good he finally came out. A known enemy is easier to deal with."

Exactly. You never see a straight person who suddenly embraces this nonsense for no reason. It is a 100% precursor to coming out.


  1. "4. drugs, and the devilish youth culture that drugs and the accompanying sex-promoting music has been producing for a full generation."

    Jesus christ, seriously? Rock and Roll promotes sex, therefore, evil? I thought this kind of person was too thick to use a forum.

  2. If I form a band, I am naming it The Sodomite Agenda...

  3. "Hell's Fires await you sodomite accomodator."

    That might be one of the greatest things every uttered on the internet. I'm totally using that as my battle cry the next time I'm playing against my brother in Call of Duty.