Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Who Was a Greater Threat to World Peace - Prophet Mohammed or Osama Bin Laden?"

No article.

Neither - it is barak 0bama


Mohammad. Duh. He started the stupid murder cult.


In all seriousness. Obama has certainly done more harm to America than Osama ever did. I imagine that Obama, in just his one speech (about Israel’s borders), will bring more violence to this world than Osama did.

And Mohammed lies at the base of them both.

Is 2012 almost here yet?


In India, we have Muslim-on-Hindu violence. In Israel, you have Muslim-on-Jew violence. In Sudan, you have Muslim-on-Christian violence. Muslims are also fighting wars against the Philipines, China (Uighurs), Russia, Nigeria, and many other non-Muslim nations around the world. Why can't the non-Muslims of the world unite, and tell the Muslims that enough is enough, and that we will not take crap from them anymore?

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