Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Rabbi: 'The President of the US is Asking for Ethnic Cleansing'"

This my last one about his speech, I swear, they're just in such a tizzy.

Article here, from CNSNews

nobama hates you, hates your family, hates Free America, hates Americans, hates Jews, hates the Constitution, and hates the Bill of Rights. nobama is a hate crime foisted upon America. nobama is the Destroyer.

Everything nobama does in intentional.

God help us all.


All I know is that if asked by one of my liberal family members (of which there are plenty) if I stand with our President or a foreign nation my answer is simple; I proudly stand with Israel, down with that anti-semitic son-of-a-bleep!


Obama is living up to what he and Oprah planned to do. DESTROY AMERICA.


Obama has no problem with ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians.


I had a jewsih friend who I rid myself of two years ago over her support of Obama. I have not spoken to her since the election and today emailed this story to her and simply said

“This pofs you supported is turning out to be even far worse than I warned you about. Maybe you will wake up, maybe not, but I will have no part of anyone or anything still supporting this communist traitor anti smite in the WH”


"Has Glenn Beck called this the ‘Archduke Ferdinand moment’ yet?"

I think it's more in line with Hitler demanding that Czechoslovakia withdraw from Sudetenland.


Dear Rabbi,

What part of “Hussein” did you not understand when he was elected?


my wife and I were talking about bozo the clown and this radical socialist anti American,/Brit, Israel/ white administration and she said that he is bound to win because of the media backing him while I’m still holding out she is wrong and once this muppet goes then I want to see an investigation into how this white house worked with the MSM.

Just who the hell does he think he is telling a country to give up land, you’;re right it would not surprise me if he thinks of himself as a God or the worlds leader

Also, there's a deleted comment; there are two replies, one about how Hitler was impossible to kill because he was a tyrant, and the other about how Sadam quashed anyone who tried to kill him, so class, I'd like you to draw your own conclusions.

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