Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Michelle Obama visits the troops at Walter Reed"

Article here from ABC news

Summary: The first lady met with soldiers after his husband's Memorial Day speech. There is a line in the article that refrences Obama playing golf during the day.

Of course he played golf....what else. His whole presidency has been one vacation after another, one golf game after another, and one mistake after another. Our fallen don’t need a socialist creep spewing lies at their memory. I’m glad he stayed away, now I wish he would just GO AWAY.


OMG! This is horrible. Just who does she think she is? I seriously doubt she did this out of any kind of sympathy or compassion. I imagine this was only done to report to her Muslim controllers, the state of injuries our troops have received and how their war against America is going.

---Some people ask me how I can be sure that the quotes I'm posting are not from trolls. Obviously I can't be sure, but when I see a comment like this, I do a little research. This commenter, for example, has been a member since 1999 and is fairly active.


"The first lady had more sense of the day than her husband did."
A least we know that she's an American.


She is just trying to keep her communist husband in Washington,she has lots to lose..No more trips, good food, or any of the fring benefit's..She has a very ugly soul and anything she does has an ulterior motive....Were these white or black soldiers?


The last ‘thing’ I would want to see in my hospital room is this repulsive water buffalo.

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