Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Was the IMF Guy Set Up?"

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It just seems unlikely a millionaire with a job he loves would step out of the shower, spy a maid in his room, and then attack her- and risk losing everything. There’s no doubt it could have gone down exactly the way she said but I wonder if a more likely scenario was Lover Boy tried to seduce her, she was thinking a nice, big fat tip from the man in the $3000 a night room and he ended up giving her twenty bucks for cleaning the room. She started screaming bloody murder, he panicked and got out of town real fast.


A maid in a hotel?

It sounds like it took more than a few seconds, with the numerous acts alleged...

No screaming?

No other guests looked to see what was going on?

I am NOT discountng the possibility of a setup here...

Maybe he pushed some wrong buttons, or is not playing nice with the “One World” folks


[The oral part] is why I am 99% sure she is lying. You cannot force someone to do that kind of sex in you. And you don't want to take that chance either.


What we DO know is that women WILL lie about these things. A lot of them anyway.

I don’t know if the man is guilty, or not. I wouldn’t mind seeing him thrown in jail for being a thieving, taxing socialist. Would that it were against the law.

But he may, or may not, have sexually assaulted this woman. Without corroborating evidence, he should be found “not guilty”. The unsupported word of someone is never enough to convict, IMNSHO


If only our government were so clever to put together such a diabolical scheme. . .
The maid was told the room was empty, was told to clean the room and she went in.

Not a slam against maids, but a lot of them aren't the sharpest people, especially when from a third-world country.


The girl didn’t go to the hotel at gunpoint, did she?? Unless she had bruises all over when she left...and went to the hospital and reported makes me think “15 minutes”


For the record I don’t think he tried to rape her without consent. Look at the pictures of that old Bastid. Do you really think he could overpower a NYC maid and forcefully sodomise her? Most black maids I have seen would have kicked his old butt for him. There is more to it.

I don’t think this old crook should be running France or the IMF, but I doubt he tried to rape anyone.

These were more prevelant a few days ago. Now most of the replies are more along these lines:

There is report of blood on the bed. Is that part of the conspiracy also?

We have birthers, deathers and now what do we have? Rapers? Do we have to show an authentic rape certificate before she is to be believed?

Free Republic is starting to become infested with every looney conspiracy out there. I’m starting to think if Clinton would have been in office during 9/11 we would have a large contingent of freepers who thought that 9/11 was an inside job! Wake up people!!


Nice try at blaming the victim. She was told to go clean the room because it was unoccupied. Little did she know that the old rapist lay in wait. She was injured in the vicious attack, blood being evident in the room, and she was hospitalized. Is that convincing enough for you?

I'd like to point out that, although people are being more reasonable about it now, it's because she was seriously injured during the assault and there was blood. Apparently the only real rape is "forcible" rape.


  1. Can you find out whether the conspiracy theory guy has been banned for posting something relatively sane?