Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"What the hell is going on with "Eric Holder's people" over Memorial Day weekend?!"

No article. This is a vanity piece (link goes to FreeRepublic)

Summary: Freeper was told by his cop friend that he and his wife shouldn't go to the memorial day festival because there was going to be a rap concert and too few cops to handle it. The next day, this Freeper looked at the news and say that there were riots in his town and in others. Finishes with: "Anyways, I'm posting this under Front Page because it is Frontpage news all over the nation, here in Arkansas. THIS is why my wife and I carry a gun always. Unfortunately, I feel that we are going to get closer and closer to using them as society falls apart because of Liberals and just plain evil, lazy, selfish, people. I'm completely disgusted and PO'd."

If this wasn't a national coordinted event, then I am afraid that we are closer to a morality collapse in this country.
Prayers up for our country, our leaders, and our law abiding citizens. I hope they can restore our faith in God, Country, Constitution, and rule of law.


Time for the National Guard to be called out.
If the MFers start a riot - shoot to kill.


When animals take charge, everywhere looks like a zoo.


The behavior of Eric Holder’s “people” is unacceptable, dirty, filthy, disgusting, subhuman...and must NOT go unpunished.


Obama's economy has hurt black people more than any other demographic group. They have no hope. They are angry. They also sense that Obama may not get a second term. The free stuff may not last forever. For them, the future is a dark place, and they are scared.
So they are getting violent. It’s really all they know.


Ever since the half-breed, half-wit got elected, they’ve become more emboldened. Or maybe its a lunar thing.

On the flip side:

I have an idea you’ll defend the title of this post as fact-ism, versus something like “edging toward the appearance of racism”, but I believe your “Eric Holder’s people” is unnecessarily broad and cruel. See this stuff too often on FR, and admit that I catch myself at it sometimes. Toughest man I ever worked with was a short, friendly, athletic, near-toothless black guy who never once let on that he was offended by our digs, jokes, and slips, but I know he couldn’t have enjoyed it, and I embarrassed myself with humor(?) at his expense a coupla times. Am sure things must sometimes be about the same for Free-Republicians-of-minority-race, and for women here. And am also sure I’m often committing the fault I decry, more often than I realize. Just wish you hadn’t gone with “Eric Holder’s people”.

Responses to the above:

The phrase is an exposure of the racism exhibited by this administration.


97% of blacks voted for Obama.
We all make decisions based on skin color. I don't apologize for it anymore. I would be happy to vote for Herman Cain (and Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Clarence Thomas, etc.) As individuals, they are far above average and they deserve my respect. But that whole "painting with a broad brush" thing? [shrug] I don't care. I spent 48 years of my life struggling to be fair and even-handed.

No longer.


Personally, I don't care whom I "offend" anymore.
I don't see any sort of deference to MY sensibilities, and have seen nothing but mockery and outright hostility to things I hold dear.

For those who are offended, tough; all this tension was predicted long ago, if people had bothered to listen.


I am yet to see anyone of "Eric Holder’s people" denouncing such behavior, therefore the generalization is well justified.


Hubby and daughter spent the weekend in
San Diego. A restaurant refused to seat
them by the window because...


Not kidding. It really happened.

Tables were empty. He asked to sit by
the view, but told those tables were taken.
As they watched, window tables filled up
with ethnic people. White people were
exclusively seated at floor tables.


  1. Dinner reservations are secret reverse racism

  2. Yeah, that seems to be the obvious conclusion that most people would draw. If that story happened at all.

    Also, upon rereading this post, it's kind of horrifying that one of the only guys who pointed out that generalizing black people is offensive does so by recalling how he struggled with not making racist remarks and sometimes accidentally making racist jokes around his black coworker.

  3. Ugh but why do us libs have to play the race card... I suspect that it is WE who are the racists

  4. The post questioning "Eric Holder's people" must have been a Liberal plant....

  5. By reading this post and being annoyed by it, clearly, I am the racist.