Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Request: Michelle Obama's appearance

Request by Anonymous. They specifically wanted her hair, but I'm making it a little broader. I will definitely revisit this topic, because it's really one that exemplifies the racism, sexism, and bias that Freepers display on a regular basis.

Ru Paul would make a prettier first lady!


"...many observers said Michelle Obama looked radiant."

That's because she has a radiator for an ass.


She’s a fat-a$$ who looks like a sausage tied in the middle. George W. Bush’s wife, who was-is a beauty, was NEVER afforded this kind of blind hero worship. I’ll never forget Mooch-elle’s misbuttoned sweater that she wore.

Incredible that this porcine woman get that kind of respect.


One might say she is a real slave to fashion.



now she is going for the plain Jane look..She doesn’t care she wears clothes that will make people talk about her..She does nothing else so she needs to be in the spot light and she gets there when she wears these clothes, this one is better than the black widow look....At least she did not wear those shorts she owns..


All the media and all TV fawn over Mugabe 2 and his “wife."


Straight from the cotton fields.


Understated Style??? Are they kidding??

Most of what she wears is “Ghetto Chic”.

The dress she wore to the speech last night was a nice cut & a nice color...

But -—PLEASE!@!! Lady—this is 2011. There are hundreds of undergarment choices that will hide your panty line!!!!

No wonder the grifters in the White House are NOT invited to the Wedding of Price William & Kate Middleton. I would NOT want them in the country at the same time, much less at the wedding or reception. I applaud William & Kate for UNinviting them both.

It was disgusting!! Mooochellle (Sasquatch) has a staff of over 100 people in the White House that cater to her. Who is helping with her clothing? Someone with the disability of total blindness? They should be fired.

I really miss Jackie Kennedy & Laura Bush & Nancy Reagan—even Lady Bird Johnson did a much more dignified job of looking & acting like a First Lady.

Sasquatch is neither — not first—nor a lady.


The Daily Beast?

Is that a newspaper or Michele’s new nickname?


Check out some other pics of Mao-shelle in that white dress.
She looks ENORMOUS!
Makes her look like she’s at least a 200+ pounder.
She should NEVER wear white.


WIDE LOAD ahead...


Michelle Obama is not an attractive woman and clearly does not have a body that is pleasing. She cannot do much about it.

However, she is totally ghetto and she could make an effort to evolve in her dress and manner.


  1. Ohhhhh yes, that bracing hit of racism. It's like drinking transmission fluid.

    Thanks, Freep, although I'm crying through my laughter.

  2. But nooooo - nobody better call Conservatives "racist" - you'll just be pulling that ever-evil "race-card." Ugh.