Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"President Obama Jokes About Toast Mishap"

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Summary: "President Barak Obama, while in conversation with Deputy Prime Minister of Britain, Nick Clegg on going on with his toast while the band played the British national anthem, “God Save The Queen” at the state dinner. President Obama also joked in returned that it was “out of the movies”."

Everything is a joke to the joker.


Ah yes....because effing up as President is very tough work and you need to take it lightly....Omoron strikes again.


First did he not ask someone for the protocol?
Did his staff double cross him to make him look stupid.
Was he told what to do and then he screwed it up?

Any fool could see he was reading the toast word for word.
If you are going to keep on toasting through the music, you may as well drink the toast at the end.

This is what is representing the USA. Luckily all over the world people recognize that the man is an idiot, so it won't hurt us too bad.
There are still people in this country who call George Bush stupid.George Bush looks like Einstein standing next to this guy.


Not only is our current president a moron, he thinks it’s funny that he’s a moron.


The Brit’s do not take kindly to being repeatedly backhanded by this Boob.
I will always believe they put on this grand display, put Obama in the spot light, so he could display what a loser he is before the whole world.
Where is that statue of Winston Churchill?
They have done a masterful job!


Like out of the movies alright. This presidency is a cross between “Primary Colors” (Primarily Colored), “Wag the Dog” (Wag the Wagyu), “Zelig” (mega flip-flops), and “The King’s Speech”....and “Blazing Saddles”.


It’s a keeper for sure. Imagine having to look down on the table how many times so he could READ his toast. Hasn’t he ever heard of studying something so he will know it by heart???? Wow, should have had a mini teleprompter so he could read it. Wow. Shame on him. Sad for us. He is a total embarassment to the people of the United States of America. Total embarassment!!! Am sure the Royals in the audience all were thinking the same things. This guy knows NOTHING.


"these protocol personnel are the same people that worked with President Bush and perhaps even President Clinton. They both seemed to do pretty well."

Could you imagine trying to advise either of the Obamas? Whomever has tried to dress Michelle must have given up long ago!


He has no pride as the leader of the United States. That is why we have to vote as a group and vote him out.


Most Americans are aware that one should shut one’s yap during the national anthem. nobama does not know protocol because he is a wannabee commie/muslim who, like his wife, completely despises western civilization, as it has northern european roots and christian roots


  1. I was about to make a comment expressing amazement that they acknowledged the Sheriff Is Near meme until I got to the "Wag the Wagyu" line. The Wagyū is a breed of cattle. What the hell?

  2. The White House served Wagyu beef at a dinner once and the Freepers decided that meant he thought he was too good for ordinary beef.

  3. "Wow, should have had a mini teleprompter so he could read it."

    Yeah, you know… like maybe something notecard sized.