Monday, July 2, 2012

Anderson Cooper: 'The fact is, I'm gay'

...and in other breaking news today.....the Pope is Catholic!


I’d like to announce to the world that I’m not gay.

And proud of it.

Shove it, Anderson.

Oh, forgot........


Ann Curry should have come out 2 weeks ago. If she had, she'd still have a job.

And, no, it wouldn't have to be a true statement on her part -- the news biz doesn't care if a thing is true. They care if it's "interesting". 


I cannot see how this is news since the world ahsd known the faggot was a sexual degenerate ever since he ‘hit’ the airways. Faggotry is seeking to legitimize their degeneracy by exposing a few of the less sickening faggots to public scrutiny. ... I wonder how long it will be before Andy joins the SF faggot parades?


I really didn’t need to know but if I ever get severe brain damage and decide to take up turd burglin, he’ll be the fist to know.


So will he be the man or the woman at his wedding? I still like the original plan. The parts fit. I’ll see it again, but not on this dirt.


Why are these people “proud” of the vile ways in which they utilize their body plumbing? And demand special recognition & privilege because of that disgusting usage?
So, he is the fag offspring of a jetsetting socialite? Isn’t this sort of thing rather common among the “beautiful people”?


heterosexuals are not welcome in the new world order. Unless you are a homosexual, you are nothing! Down with 1 man 1 woman! Up with deviancy of all types. Bring out the angels of the most High that we may know them!


Who gives a rat’s rear end what he is? Hollywood and the media are loaded with homosexuals. There was a time and not too long ago they were called “perverts”.


I will never figure out how somebody can be “proud” to be a sex pervert.
I think a penis is not meant to be shoved into a pile of feces, but that’s just the way I was raised.

"Anal sex is very popular among hetorsexual couples....just sayin..."

You can say whatever you want, but I think that's a load of horse manure.
"Very popular", huh? I would have suspicions about people who find that practice "popular". 


Imagine a scene on a deserted atoll.

The human race has been wiped out except for 2 survivors, a man and a woman.

The man is Anderson Cooper, the woman is Ellen DeGeneres.

NOW, people, tell us this is just as normal as heterosexuality.


If he is so proud, why did he wait until now to out himself?
If you have to proclaim you are proud, in a march, in a speech, in a festival, you are anything but proud.
Homosexual Pride? If they are so proud, why do most of them wear masks? 


What shocks me is he’s only 45. He looks around 60.


I never will get the “pride” part which seems obligatory in every homosexual’s diatribe on the issue. You don’t see heterosexual couples going around talking about how “proud” they are to be heterosexual. That in itself should tell anyone it’s deviant behavior since the point of stating one’s “pride” in the behavior is open defiance of a norm and what is acceptable: i.e. “I’m a burglar and proud of it.” “ I’m a rapist and proud of it.” Such “pride” has as its goal spitting in the face of God.


"“Hey SHEP! Your up next. Come on Out!!!!!”"

First thing I thought when I read the title. Shemp has that sick aids look a out him now


"Gays are about 1% of the population yet make-up 75% of CNN and MSNBC. Talk about trying to shove it down our throats."

And don't forget Fox pushing homosexuality to our children, well pushing it to those dumb enough to let their kids watch Fox.

I really doubt that it's a coincidence that CNN, NBC, and Fox all promote homosexuality. And ABC and CBS have their moments. 


So THAT’S why he gave so much coverage to the “controversy” over don’t ask, don’t tell. THAT’S why his is concerned about news items advancing same sex marriage. THAT’S why he adores the first gay president...

At least he no longer holds a double standard when it comes to “don’t ask don’t tell” being bad for the military but common practice among gay anchors and journalistas in newsrooms across the country.

The public deserves to know the reporters’ advocacy of homosexuality.


  1. "I really didn’t need to know but if I ever get severe brain damage and decide to take up turd burglin, he’ll be the fist to know."

    That's quite the Freudian slip.

    1. In the immortal words of George Takei: "Oh my."

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