Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to verify my posts

I've finally got a Freeper admirer, or at the very least something close to that. On my last post, I received the following Anonymous comment:

Nice way to defame a cause - aggregating selected blog entries from sources that cannot be vetted. What a waste of time. Good thing I am the only one reading this blog. Admittedly, I didn't' even read it all the way through. Got bored halfway down the list and thought I might let you know how much it sucked.

I'm in part sharing this with you because it's amusing, but I also wanted to explain that anyone coming by with similar claims (that I'm fabricating these quotes) need only take part of the quote they doubt, put quotations around it, and pop it into google.

For example.

*Note: I admit that in some cases they won't show up because the moderator deleted them. They seem to be doing that more recently (in particular, I'm kicking myself for not getting to the top linked threads here and here , both of which appear to called for an actual armed revolution, before they were pulled).

I hope this has been an informative post!


  1. Checking sources is for liberal elitists. Real Americans(TM) know that if it isn't on Fox, Limbaugh, Hot Air, Free Republic, Prison Planet, et al then it's obviously a completely fabricated liberal conspiracy.

  2. I read your blog all the time. Rarely post though, but was worried when you disappeared for so long. God knows how you can stand Free Republic. That website is designed by an idiot.

  3. "Nice way to defame a cause" - I think Freep does a good job of that itself, thank you.

    "Good thing I am the only one who reads this blog" - *looks at list of ~90 followers*

  4. That latino Hypno-Toad up there is right. Checking sources is for lieberal elitists, and lieberals lieberally spread conspiracies about like a crop duster.