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Two posts on America, in honor of the Fourth

Vanity Post:
It should be safe to say that it is perfectly acceptable to cancel the fourth of July as a paid holiday. Particularly if you are a Freeper business owner. Many of the grievances stated as the reason for the original declaration has been far surpassed. At the Boiling point house hold it will no longer be celebrated but mourned. Old glory will forever be relegated to a historic relic of a once great nation. It no longer represents the uplifting patriotic, proud feeling it once did, nor does it represent a country currently worth fighting for.


Why, the Constitution is dead? Every aspect of our independence is dead! We are Taxed now simply for being alive because a hostility and lawless majority & government deems us its slaves.
I know not what-else to say to you except that I believe in liberty or Death. We have not our Independence and therefore only reason to morn the freedom that was loss.
It seems quite evident now that if we are to recover our rights & liberties this “court” and its Government must be overturned. Replaced or abandoned under theses despots we cannot live!

After the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi fell on July 4th, 1863, it never again celebrated the 4th of July until 1945.

"Do you feel that it is worth fighting to take it BACK?"

I absolutely agree that it is worth fighting to take back. Unfortunately, it is past the point of bumper stickers, flag waving and large peaceful gatherings.


"Celebrate Revolution!

I am amazed at the negativity and “take my ball and go home” attitude displayed all over the conservative media today.

We have options.

Civil disobedience (go to jail)

The ruling limits the use of the Commerce Clause. That is a good thing. The Court said it wasn’t up to them to remedy the electorate’s mistakes in voting for progressives. That is correct.

Anyone planning on sitting this election out has nothing to gripe about."
What are you blind? This is no mere electoral mistake. This “court” has deemed its employees to have the power to force you to do anything they want you to do by way of punitive taxes.

You either do what they want or get taxes into jail!

There IS NO MORE FREEDOM!!! There is no more limited government!
I get the impression the black robed moron have never read the Federalist Papers (owners manual for the Constitution) and continue to inject their bias and we all pay the penalty.
How can anyone with a functioning brain possibly believe the founders wanted a federal government this big and into so many aspects of our lives. I am so ashamed to be an American today.
All those highfalutin words about limited government, Of the People by the People have been relegated to crap.
We have been sold a bill of goods and the goods are communist crap. The filth in the White House has contaminated to the point where 100,000 gallons of industrial janitor in a drum could not clean it up.
I sure hope the founders are not watching us. If they are, all I can say is, I am profoundly sorry we threw away that which your risked your lives and fortunes.

We must get Roberts address so we can stage a 4th of July protest of massive proportions. We sure do not have independence to celebrate.

Come on somebody has to have the address.


I completely understand; at this point it is just a day off (though for fewer and fewer people each year). We are being worked to death as Red Chinese peasants, unless you work for the government (the party).

I’m not surprised that a supreme court that allows the murder of children would allow this; I’m only surprised that there was no actual defense for doing so.

We celebrate an historical event. Nothing changes what happened back then. As to the present: no argument that it is threatening. As to the future, Rush said it well: never elect a progressive of any party to any office ever again.

The problem is that progressives don’t always advertise.

Name me a better country, right now. Every Western nation faces the same threat from within. America, the idea, hasn’t changed. The flag still represents that history and ideal. Times are tough and there are no quick and easy solutions.

I have some faith left in Americans. I just don’t know where they all are, right now. I do know that cutting off your nose to spite your face is bound to hurt and accomplishes nothing at all, except a noseless face, a lot of pain and a huge medical bill.

We all just need to pull up our socks and get to work applying the solutions available to us. I realize it is difficult to respond without cliches and that the cliches are likely annoying, but I just don’t see a lot of other options.

Dramatic gestures are not options.


All American flags should now be flown upside down. If ever our Forefathers defined ‘distress’, THIS IS IT.

Vanity Post:
With all due respect to those of you who served our country with honor and distinction, as soon as the USSC court decision came down, I went outside and turned my flag upside down.

Our country is lost.

The US Supreme Court just stepped outside its Constitutional boundaries and re-wrote a law again and handed Congress even MORE power over our daily lives.


My flag remains upside down until Obama is out of office and this law is REPEALED.

We have a high barrier to overcome this November folks. We have to take back the White House, the Senate and keep the Congress.

Then we have to force the Republicans to REPEAL this law.
Are we prepared for this battle? Are YOU ready?
Better sign up to help your Republican Senator and Congressman get back in to office, and as much as I don't like it, it's time to "suck it up cupcake" and put Romney in the White House.

That's our only prayer at this point, because that's the only way to overturn this BAD court decision today.


(OP:) Oh yeah, and I'm quitting my job tomorrow. Good luck IRS getting taxes from me to pay for this bullshit.


Another win for communists controlled America. Romney for President! Only chance to kill this huge tax.

Good for you, fellow Patriot.

I have refused to fly Old Glory since January 20, 2009. This isn’t America anymore.

Just as I did when Clinton was in office, I put all stamps on all letters upside down, especially the ones with flags. The recipient may not notice but that’s my silent protest against theose that want to kill this once proud country. Perhaps others should do the same thing.

I just put out my Gadsen Flag...

I am with you fellow Patriot.

Liberty or Death.

Flag’s coming down now. I’ve a LOT more to say but I can’t post it.

The United States is dead. It’s all over but the shooting.
You really shouldn’t fly the flag upside down for emotional reasons.

I once blew up and notified the KFC HQ when a local outlet was flying their flag upside down. It happened after G W Bush was re-elected and the store employees...all minoities...were obvioly upset.

I stormed up to the counter and demanded an explanation but the best they could come up withh was that they didn’t know how to work the flagstaff hardware.

They were all snicker when I left but they weren’t after the store was paid a visit by the company.

As I said the flag should not be flown upside down for emotional reasons...but what the heck do I know?"

This is way beyond emotional - our republic has died. The flag is a useless rag now, representing what was once a great country. It's over. The commies won because we have all been too cowardly to put up a fight.

"Flying the flag upside down is a signal of a dire, immediate and life threatening emergency.

No matter how you feel this does not meet that criteria.

Did you complain...as I did...when people flew the flag
upside down after the 2004 election?"

Wake up man! This is as dire as it gets. A tyrant has seized control of the country and just exterminated most of your liberty.

The american flag represents socialism, queers, freeloaders and illegal aliens. Never fly it or salute it myself.

Someday though history will tell of a Dark Lord, and his robed Nine, and his Hundred Champions, and his 435 heroes...
In the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie.

"Flying the flag upside down is a form of communication. Similar to the SOS signal I mentioned before or yelling fire in a crowded theater. "
Agreed. Similar, but not the same.
"Flying it upside down for political reasons dilutes it’s significance. "
Here I disagree; it is not merely for political reasons. The pledge of allegiance explicitly states that the flag represents the Republic; the Republic is itself in dire distress as the mandate still exists and, in fact, now that it's a tax for something not bought there is little holding the Republic from becoming a dictatorship as more and more "items not used" become taxable: that is to say, the government may now tax even the things we choose not to support.

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