Thursday, July 5, 2012

Video - Women's Vote Was “One Of The Greatest Mistakes America Made”

This is from May, but since Limbaugh said something similar, I wanted to post how Free Republic feels about that.

The real question is if the natural state of women is being subservient to and unequal to men.

If they are then natural law keeping them from the vote would be justified.

For myself I hold that the natural state of women is being free and equal.

Thus any laws keeping them from the vote would be a violation of natural law.

I do believe that it’s established fact (I could be wrong) that no female vote, means no Obama, no Clinton, no Carter, no Kennedy, etc.

no it wasn’t. giving 18 year olds, unless they are serving in the military, was a dumb idea.

maybe welfare folks shouldn’t be allowed to vote

They screwed up when they gave anyone but landowners the vote.
I would have no problem with a woman or anyone else that owned property having the vote.

(A receptionist at Melvin’s publishing firm a fan of Melvin’s work, but he is not as charming as she thinks he’ll be.)
Woman:”How do you write women so well?”
Melvin: “I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability.”
-As Good As It Gets (1997)

My proposal:

1. No person on any kind of aid from the govenment (including medicare) can vote. All persons should be able to reject any aid.

2. No employee of the government, excepting soldiers, should be allowed to vote for elections regarding that tier of government. (i.e., federal employees can’t vote in federal elections, and state employees can’t vote in state elections).
Women elected Barack Hussein Obama.

this line of thought is a little too burqua-esque for me

Christian right version of the American taliban"
Oh, yeah...America was solid 'Taliban country' before 1920.

Interesting to note that without the female vote; I would have NEVER seen a democrat in the White House over the course of my entire lifetime.
When political candidates are male and they usually are, females have a tendency to vote with their genitals not their minds. Obama 2008, case and point. There, I said it and I am absolutely NOT talking about the women here at FR. You are intelligent but unfortunately not the typical, 20-something bimbos running amok in America.
Taxpayers, veterans and landowners should get a weighted ballot. Perhaps veterans given a ballot worth 2X for one example. Everyone should vote but some voters are more important than others. IMO anyway.


I didn’t read the article, but thought I’d repeat what I’ve posted in the past quite often when a thread like this warrants the post.

My wife believes that women shouldn’t have the vote simply because as she states of the absolutely stupid reasons they vote for. Mostly emotional, impulsive.

Records indicate the women’s vote successfully sicced upon our society Carter, Clinton, and Obama to name a few.

I don’t argue with her.
Oh, goody. Another “Wimmin R Evil” thread on FR. I’m shocked.
You’ve got to admit that without the women’s vote we probably wouldn’t be falling into a marxist cesspool.
Ms. Coulter got it right.
Women are —by their very nature — socialists.

Men, however, are largely individualists by their internal constitutions.
To men, freedom matters.

But women, on the other hand, prefer “security” and safety. Again, this is “in their nature”.

What did Mr. Franklin have to say about that subject, a few centuries ago?
I’m gettin’ old, was never that smart, and my opinion don’t count for much.
But if I had my way...

- The voting age for males would be returned to 21, with the exception of those enlisted in the military, who would be granted the privilege of voting from “age 18 upward”.

- Single females would be granted the vote when they reached the age of 30. If they married prior to age 30, females would be granted the vote subsequent to their marriage.

- Women who were serving in the military, married or unmarried, would be given voting privileges identical to males, i.e., “from age 18 upward”, and would carry such privileges subsequent to their military service.

The devolution of the republic from freedom to socialism that we have been witnessing through the early twentieth century to the present is a direct result of “granting too much suffrage” to those who had been denied it in earlier times. Unfortunately, I see no way to reverse the trend, other than to “break free” from the current republic, and reconstruct a new one that is actually a reversion to “the old ways” (of, say, the nineteenth century) — ways that are now considered misogynist, racis’, xenophobic, blah, blah, blah....

--- Indeed, too much suffrage.

Wow....all I can say is wow. Yep, it’s all our fault. All us emotional women who are incapable of control. /s

Wouldn’t be that stupid people vote stupidly....naaa couldn’t be that.


A: (in response to a female Freeper being shocked by the sexism) It’s absolutely not unique. I guess you’ve never read a child support thread.
B: Little wonder. Just as African Americans are, by and large, the most unapologetic racists in modern American society, so are American women, by and large, the most unapologetic chauvinists.

A: Oh, please. You’re the one calling women names, and somehow I’m the chauvinist. You don’t know one thing about me. Get lost.

B: I know you reject, out of hand, any generalized criticism of women while making generalized criticism of FReepers on certain threads. Is that not chauvinism, by definition? As for "getting lost," I suggest it is you who should get lost if the only reason you come to FreeRepublic is to have your vanity stroked.
This is, and always has been, a site primarily occupied by discussion and debate.


The Viking symbol for the mother goddess was a set of keys.  
She ran the household and held the keys.
The man was often out a Viking or fishing or off pasturing animals.
I am all for a division of labor - but to me that means that a woman is in charge of their area of responsibility.
And I am in charge of mine.


"I just don’t understand why, when things go’wrong’ the first thing most men (not me) want to do is take the vote from women, take rights from women, ect, ect.

The men of my family see the women as the HELPMATE that God created them to be. MEN made chatel of them, and men (and you know we do) always want to ‘control’ them.

Are some women silly? yes, of course they are

But, and it’s a big one, instead of blaming all our problems on women (all the way back to Eve) why don’t we men admit that ADAM was the biggest problem. HE was supposed to be the ‘head’ and HE didn’t say no.
I’m sorry, most of the women/ ladies I know are strong, God fearing PEOPLE who deserve the same rights that God gave to me, and I’ll fight any man who wants to turn them into Burqa wearing belongings.

As for those who say “women have gotten us every DemoRat President we’ve ever had” might want to look at the polling places, and see just how many men voted for Carter, Clinton, and our current Rat, Obama."

Because you drank the feminist kool aid.
How do you justify being critical of concluding something is wrong with most women, when you just did the same thing with "most men?"
Further, you can "helpmate" all you like, but that position is irrefutably subordinate, the precise thing modern women find offensive. Even Christian women are notorious for only following their husband's leadership when he's going in a direction they like. A Christian husband can not lead a Christian wife that refuses to follow.
Long story, short: you need an education in "what's wrong with women," because it is manifestly absurd to subscribe to the idea of gender equality, AND male villainy, while not having a equally developed theory of FEMALE villainy.



  1. But there is no Republican war on women.

  2. I had to reread it twice to make sure, but I couldn't find anything sexist in those comments. Nothing. At. All.