Thursday, July 19, 2012

FreeRepublic is Down! Let's see what's going on in their Yahoo! group...

FR goes down on a fairly regular basis. One saavy Freeper made this post during the most recent server crash:

While pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, FR remains a
1980's version of the old dial-up websites, only it actually has a dot-com web

FR boasts thousands of contributing members, but rather than investing any money
to improve this graphicless desert or fixing options that havent worked in years
- but remain visible to the user - the money is used for....well, it's not
completely clear. The 2-3 people who are said to be staff persons apparently
have little to no technical skills. Their only role seems to be fixing an
incorrect headline or two.

And when it comes to posting an article on FR, well, waiting in line at the DMV
is less aggravating! In fact, the hoops one must jump through before posting
could fairly be compared to filling out your tax forms! I'm convinced the
individual who designed the interface IS a former government employee!

Refusing to improve user experience by streamlining the posting process or
allowing multi-media content like other 21st century news formums, or
recognizing that graphics are not evil, has resulted in remaining
a stagnant uninteresting dudlge. Today, FR may have finally died from neglect.

Your whole post shows how really clueless you are. Go back to Trew Blew.

Btw, FR started as a hobby when Jim Robinson owned his own software company.

Go troll somewhere else.


So you're one of the ones who participate in DOS attacks on FR and then complain that FR is "down all the time" and "collects too much money."

Now that you're sure it's crashed forever, why are you coming here complaining that it's down for good?

If you're an innocent, loyal FReeper, then stop and think about whether your
poison post is doing anyone, especially yourself, any good here.


You need to be zotted in the WORST way. Shut up.


"I actually agree with you.


There's really no excuse for the site going down so much. Instead of owning the servers, for example, they could have the site hosted on established server farms that are maintained 24x7 by experts. or are two great options.


AND ... everyone is including ads on their sites; FR should include banner ads, so that they can pay for better hosting and get rid of freepathons."

Jim has covered all of this. No blinkies and no ads. Ads would effect content.
FR is free from outside interference. As to the blinkies, plenty of juvenile
sites have them. People are free to use those sites.


Good luck with that. I hate graphic loaded sites burns up my monthly gig on my cellular card.


  1. I'll tip my hat to Jim Robinson figuring out a way to separate stupid people from their money. Anyone who pays to support that sorry excuse for a website truly has more money than brains.

  2. What in the actual fuck is a "blinkie"?

  3. their never ending money drives to support the family vs replacing the apple IIe type equipment (as promised before the last election) is nothing more than a scam