Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Changing of the Guards - Not Good

A woman writes a Vanity piece about how her mind had changed about Obama since 2008.

Excerpts from the Vanity piece:

I never will forget when I persuaded my husband to vote for Obama as I just knew he was THE man.
Now, I feel guilty and cannot believe that I was so taken in by his smoothe personality and the moment.

When I hear comments that our country is spiraling out of control I now connect the dots and think of it as a battle already lost to one that doesn’t deserve it. We’ve become a gullible people and are deceived by a selfish and materialistic world. We look over the rough spots because we cannot look upon the truth and because it’s much easier that way. We succumb to self denial and continue our lives as usual.
Already this week we’ve heard about the Pastor that can no longer pray in the name of Jesus at a North Carolina police department (if it is on government property), and today, June 28, 2012 with a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of ObamaCare which means they consider it constitutional. Hello!
In Obama’s plan we will have to pay for life saving drugs but all life-ending drugs will be 100% totally free Now lets see, shouldn’t that be the other way around if it truly is a health care plan?


First, it’s the soapbox.

Next, ya get the ballot box.

WHEN THAT DOESN’T WORK.....grab the bullet box.

Lock and load, boys and girls.


I tell you, this was all meant to divide the nation.
Already, me and my good friend roommate who is part Mexican and still in love with Obama for emotional reasons are parting ways.
He simply cannot understand that Obama is PERSECUTING his good American friends while pretending he is doing it for the good of Mexican illegals or legals to get some health care.
THis is the way it works when using other people’s money: you pretend you love a f@g here, and then murder a christian for it or have it raped there by another f@g is what you really are accomplishing.
It is a vicious form of crypto-communist islamic manipulation type fascism that is much worse than Nazism in many ways... because at least the Nazis were honest about their will to destroy the Jews so as to benefit the welfare payroll of the German race (which somehow was better but not good enough it had to steal from Jews).

It is idiots like you that should be banned from ever voting. It is very easy to conduct diligence on any candidate. If you did not know what you were getting in voting for this leftist destroyer, then I rest my case. Apology not accepted!

WE? No you.

Typical, you are trying to pass the buck. We don’t deserve this. You do.


[Author] should be prevented from ever voting again. Even better would have been if her mother had decided to abort. It is because of uninformed morons like her tht we are in this mess.


“. . . I was so taken in by his smoothe personality and the moment.”

Which is why the Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, did not grant women the vote.

The first American republic died at Appomatix.
The second American Republic died yesterday.

Now, our government can demand we do any number of things. Like eat broccoli or buy Volts or ... well you fill in the blank.

The fundamental relationship between the citizen and the contral government has been redefined by this ridiculous decisions. We either accept it or fight back.

Now this tramp has a change of heart, and what good will it do now, she heloed destory our republic.

This is what you voted for, Betty dear. Enjoy what’s left of the greatest country the world has ever seen.

We know who wears the pants in that household. I hope he at least got some loving for it.


  1. "The first American republic died at Appomatix.
    The second American Republic died yesterday."

    Yes, the election of Obama was exactly like the Union pounding the Confederacy into a red pulp. Southern morons lost, so I get to hear them whine about it for the rest of time. Living in the south wouldn't be so bad if there weren't all these southerners around.

    1. Well, shall we go whole hog? 1 southern moron = 3/5ths of a person.

  2. "The first American republic died at Appomatix. The second American Republic died yesterday."

    And not to mention that the southern Confederacy was actually the second American Republic since the United States was around first, or second and third if you count the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union as a separate republic.